'Blockbuster-led trade needs £70 pricetags'

Speaking to MCV, Chris Deering, chairman of the Edinburgh Interactive Festival and former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president, has expressed concern over the current model for creating triple-A video games.

"Before there can be as many successful blockbuster games as there were in the past, games have to be produced in a more efficient fashion," said Deering.

He added: "In order to price the games at a level where they would support an industry like they did ten years ago, they'd have to be sold at £70. But people just don't have that kind of money, there's a psychological glass ceiling.

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truehunter3132d ago

Higher the price ?? well if a game sold less then its budget then thats a problem.
if your telling me game like CoD has a high budget then plz pinch me.

They would have to sell at less above 5 million to make up a small part of the cost. that kinda income is around 25 million. Even Final Fantasy X cost more then that. & there income didnt paid off.

hay3131d ago

I think devs shoulnd't go the "push the visuals" path. Wii is doing fine with upgraded Gamecube hardware. We don't need super awesome visuals. Just quality games with good enough graphics, incredible gameplay and good storyline. I bet a bit too big percent of the resources spent on games production is on visuals.

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SuperM3131d ago

Im not sure if i understood what you meant but a game like MW2 doesnt need to sell more then 2 million copies to be profitable. The game will however sell 15 million copies and Activision will likely make several hundred million dollars in profit.

mastiffchild3131d ago

Fact is, as a pretty young industry, game development is going to be less streamlined and more flabby than many that have been through numerous econmic downturns etc. It's easy for any industry to say "well, if we could charge more we could make more profit!"-yeah, no sh1t!

If GM could sell everyday cars at £500, 000 they'd be OK? No way! The reason they don't is as plain as the reason most games won't sell at £70 isn't it?

Also how many games already flop EVEN at current prices? More than succeed I'd say which shows they aren't even worth what's charged now and break even is just about the first aim for most if they don't have the power of an EA behind them as new IP like DS did. We, as consumers, do NOT have the money to support games at those prices so to speak of them as an ideal price pint is just the industry being lazy-ffs wew gamers have put up with TONS this gen alone: Shonky hardware from MS, Sony telling us to wwork more jobs, Actis apparent belief that UK gamers are richer than all others, constant nuckel and diming on Home and Live and don't start me on some of the DLC cons we've seen from the likes of "fan friendly" Capcom!

Being honest we gamers have been really understanding but £70 is a daft aim and they know it isn't reasonable today so the answers have to be found from within the devs themselves from finding ways to streamline their productions OR cut back on their ambitions for a while and concentrate on imagination and gameplay rather than the more expensive side of pushing the tech-indeed if we are in far a long console generation this may actually happen.

Whatever, I always buy my games new(except MW2)and at £70 a go I just wouldn't be able to and nor wiould many other gamers in a badly hit UK market.

Christopher3131d ago

I'm not buying it. Unless they're putting in $60 million dollars into this game, which is ridiculous and definitely isn't going into programming and graphics but likely into marketing, then they're going to see profit after the first 1.5 million boxes sold. For CoD series, that means the second month and thereafter will be pure profit, and they'll likely rake in a good $150 million profit in the first 6 months of its release.

With the higher price tag in the UK, it just means they'll rake in $16 more dollars of profit per box sold rather than the typical $25-30.

clinker3131d ago

Guys we've already been over this. Developers need to price their games higher to take advantage of all of the power of current gen consoles:

Voice actors, high-res textures, 3D models and cinematic effects aren't cheap.

k jules3131d ago

They need to raise the prices so they can survive???
Like Activision isn't making billions in profit :S.
Only EA is in debt as far as I know (talking about the big ones), and that's because they have been on a buy this and buy that strategy.
It's gonna pay off pretty quick.
Publishers don't NEED to raise their prices, but are going to do so to get more profit. It's all about teh moneyz

N4g_null3131d ago

HD artist are not cheap and the programmer are not also, then just think you might just have to redo most of the engine to keep you guys entertained.

Games are getting very high review scores now and that makes it pretty easy to ask for a raise. These devs have egos now and yes they should be paid but you can not just make a game now days you have to make a block buster! If so they you will need more pay or maybe more people to make that happen.

Some people believe that if you get their first you will be the face of that type of quality so they will spend any thing to get there. Seriously GTA was 100 and some change LOL. Commercial or PR companies are crazy expensive try hiring one they will not return you r call LOL.

Yet still this is the value of the current game industry. Before we would laugh at artist that took for ever to paint a texture now they are paid to go for realism and not creativity or efficiency. The industry trying to become more stream line has lead to people looking for their own worth with in these companies. It really comes down to what will the people around me let me make or what do they want me to make? Sure we all say games but really their are so many rules to look at now.... The production style should meet the projected out come of the project.

AAACE53131d ago

Originally, when this generation of games was about to start, they said that games would cost about $70-$75. They got even more paranoid of the Ps3 because of the 50 Gb Blu-ray disc and the cell and said that Ps3 games would cost around $100!

When those people made those claims, I think they had their sights set too big! I do believe there would be a select few who would have paid those prices for just a game with no extras. But other gamers would have probably stayed away from it.

Whatever the matter, alot of games actually need to go down in price, because they lack quality. Only a select few games seem worthy of a price increase. I consider the games (if they had to increase the price) to be the ones that offer long stories as well as multiplayer co-op story and some extras.

If a game lacks multiplayer and is not very long, it should be priced at $40-$50. Games with story and multiplayer should be at $60. Games priced higher than that should be priced according to the content.

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Nelson M3132d ago

There is no way i will be paying that price for a Game

RockmanII73132d ago

For once, I agree with Nelson. I'll go out and get N64 games to play before I pay 70 euro ($95.79) for one game. Their are actually some games I passed up that I wouldn't mind getting (Majoras Mask, Perfect Dark, Banjo tooie, Paper Mario, ect.).

RockmanII73132d ago

remember when games cost $50

Blaze9293131d ago

remember when first party games used to be $10 cheaper then 3rd party games? Good times....gooooood times.

JasonXE3131d ago

Remeber when 2K Sports titles use to be $19.99 and every game that the developers and publishers KNEW wasn't worth $40-$50 was substantially lower? Now for some reason EVERY game needs to be $60 when they know damn well it didnt cost that much to produce.

AridSpider3131d ago

remember when games used to actually be WORTH the money you paid for and DLC didn't exist? The glory days.

UltimateIdiot9113131d ago

Remember the day, where games use to be okay out of the box and the need for patch was almost completely unnecessary. Nowadays, we get our games with glitches as a feature.

m-s-8-23131d ago

Games have no more bugs or glitches than they did in years past. There is just now an opportunity to correct these problems after they're sold at the retail level, so most take the opportunity to do so. That's why you notice it more.

Anyways, I remember paying $79.99 for Final Fantasy III at Toys'R'Us, so $60 for a good game aint too steep/

callahan093131d ago

I agree with everyone here.

pantatkaula3131d ago

Remember the day when publishers decided to raise the price of their games, and we decided to screw the publishers and not to buy their game? Oh wait.. that never really happened..

N4g_null3131d ago

Wii games are still $50. Hey but only kids pay $50 for fun. A man should stand up and pay full price to play stuff that kids pretty much finance! Don' be fanboys be fanmen! You want the best damn FPS out their why not give them a pat on the back and say well done thank you good sir! This is a fine fine game! If MW2 sales at 70 then expect any one thinking about Wii motion controls to say wow that is where the money is! It's win win for HD gaming right? Right!

The cost are catching up with the ambition to be more than a game console isn't it? I'm sure this will fix it self you know?

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BrotherNick3132d ago

Hehe PR hard at work. I'm not convinced though.

sniper-squeak3131d ago

I'm worried about GT5 here, hope that don't cost like £60+ seeing the quality and size of the game...

Perjoss3131d ago

i do agree with pricing depending on content and 'hours of gameplay' that can be had in 1 playthrough, of course there is no way to measure this properly, or at least publishers would lie through thier teeth saying thier game has more gameplay time than it really has. imho games like oblivion or fallout 3 are worth more than games that take only 6 to 8 hours to complete.

obviously all this excludes solid online experiences like CoD, Halo, battlefield etc as you can literally spend hundreds of hours playing those if you enjoy them. In a way, for someone that will play CoD:mw2 online for many many hours the higher price tag is well worth it.

I do not condone them raising prices, but I do wish the lesser quality games didnt try to sell for full price on launch days, it disgusts me to see a game that got really crappy reviews being sold for the same price as games with super budgets that are FAR superior.