First Glimpse at Zoozen Ovo 360 Case

The Ovo 360 for Xbox 360 is the first case in the world which has the power to transform the complete look of Microsoft's next-generation machine. Sporting a sleek, white and sophisticated shell, the Ovo 360 fuses the awesome power of the Xbox with an elegant and breathtaking modern day design to match.

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SmokeyMcBear4246d ago

blue neon lights are cool.. but wouldn't this completely bake the 360 inside. I didnt see any vents , but if you can't even put the 360 in a cubby.. you are supposed to cover it with a shell? I don't see this product selling too much.. maybe they should scrap it.

Extra Guy4246d ago

I don't really like the top to it, the base is nice but the top is almost too much of an extrusion IMO

Satans Cousin4246d ago

Will it vacuum my floor?i ain't buying it if it dosen't vacuum my floor,lol.ROOMBA!

freeza4246d ago

so what does it do do do

SimmoUK4246d ago

It in my opinion replaces the awful design for 360 that Microsoft came up with, i like the curves...

power of Green 4246d ago

Cool, it should be a hit in Japan; at least. As of whats on the market now the Elite is the best looking console to date.

hfaze4246d ago

Consoles look best in black with silver trim, don't ya think? ;-)

power of Green 4246d ago

Consoles do look good in black if MS would have used the silver trim they brought to the market on the first Xbox it would have looked more like a sexy divice and not so toy-ish ;-)

weekapaugh4245d ago

so there you have it, POG likes black consoles with silver trim. hmmmmmm, very interesting. Freudian slip perhaps?

Hayabusa 1174246d ago

The 360 looks sexy, but looks sweeeeet!

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The story is too old to be commented.