Video games and SF literature

Den of Geek's Ryan Lambie wonders if video-games might not be a better home than movies for the bizarre worlds of Philip K. Dick...

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king dong33302d ago

i wonder just how many of the regulars on blogs4fanboys have even heard of phillip k dlck, let alone read any of his material??

i've not read all of his work, but the stuff i have read went from from bizzare to very good. saaying that, how well his work would translate into games is another question.

cayal3302d ago

I've heard of him, never read his stuff (more a fantasy fan then sci-fi).
But Video Games allow for more exploration of the story since they are not limited by 2 hours (give or take) as movies are.

Myst3301d ago

Although I will say I'm not a fanboy I have not read nor heard of his work and as Cayal has stated I am also a fantasy person over sci-fi. Though I will be going out of town soon leaving all systems here, I may very well look for some of his work at Barnes and Nobles.

Though since I have never heard nor read anything as to what he has written I feel I cannot or rather I will withdraw a comment as to whether or not the books should be produced into a game.

Though I will say their are a lot of books that I feel could be processed into a game, heck a lot of philosophy books that I've read could be the basis of a few philosophy games just as well, but the matter is not when people will put or use the ideas in games, but rather if they will be incorporated properly into the games. To me it's the same as asking for games to be put into movies or vice-versa their are a few good ones and then their are those that really are not that great.