The Top Ten Videogame Religions...

NowGamer takes a look at the weird and wobbly world of gaming pantheons...

Game: Any Star Wars title
Religion: The Force
Who: Jedi/Sith

Beliefs: So there's these microscopic particles called midi-chlorians that Mr Lucas invented in a fit of deranged bonkersness just in time for the first prequel film. Why on earth he assumed that The Force was in need of a more sciency-sounding explanation beyond that it simply 'is' is a mystery to every known sentient species in the galaxy (ie. us).

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ChozenWoan3278d ago

More than 50% of them I've never heard of, the game let alone the religion. If your gonna start with number 10 being "The Force", at least 7 of the remaining religions should be from very well known games. JMHO.

GrandDragon3278d ago


I have played Sid Mere Revolution on the PS3 and Saladin is a Muslim who happens to be the coolest Lord to play with since Religion is an advantage.