Miracles happen, GT300 tapes out!

SA: "LOOK, OUT THE window, a squadron of flying pigs! No, really, they do fly, there are frozen lakes of fire being reported all over, and Nvidia's GT300 has finally taped out.

Our sources tell us that the GT300 is beginning it's 7 or 8 week long process through the very expensive machinery at TSMC. We said the target was a mid-July tapeout, and if you are very charitable with 'mid-', Nvidia hit it. A hair under a week ago, the chip had not taped out."

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Charlie, the person who wrote this article, doesn't seem to have a very good reputation. Doing some searching around it becomes clear that he is also a major AMD/ATI fanboy.

So please take this article with a very tiny grain of salt.
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Kakkoii3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I don't think this is true. Nvidia wouldn't allow a gap that big between ATI's new card and their own. Both companies are usually on similar time frames.

Plus it was already rumored that Nvidia had already taped out it's first silicon way back in Feb-March. So I think this persons sources may not have gotten the whole story, and this is probably an A2 tape out. Meaning that the cards have a much greater chance of coming to retail a lot sooner than they estimate.

The idea that Nvidia would just be starting their first tape out NOW, is kinda ridiculous.

Major_Tom3341d ago

Yeah this is crap and doesn't seem very realistic.

rhood0223342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

hmm..i will take this with a grain of salt.

dkblackhawk3341d ago

but is there even a image for this article? I can't seem to see it and i don't believe this article for one second...

Kakkoii3341d ago

It's because I used the embed video section to use HTML so I could add a note in bold text. When you enable the video section, it causes the stories image not to show.

But the image does show if your looking at the list of submissions. For example when your on the Tech page.