Paris Hilton mobile game launching in India

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong...

Paris Hilton is launching a mobile game in India, with Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest, said to offer a rare look inside the Hollywood celebrity's universe.

Where to even begin with this?

Let's start with the bare bones facts first, then move on to some commentary on the state of postmodern cultural colonialism and its damaging impact on the Indian subcontinent.

Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest has been developed for India's Reliance Mobile by French developer Gameloft...

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zoydwheeler3309d ago

I wonder if there are mini-games you can unlock whereby you get to see her vile, skinny body being bongoed under a hairy bobbing man ass?

Calcio3309d ago

vile - on so many levels

Myst3309d ago

That about sums up my thoughts...

RockmanII73309d ago

This and the twilight MMO. Tough choice for GoTY this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.