Game Crazy: Most Traded-In Games Topped By UFC, Call of Duty: World at War

National game retail chain Game Crazy has begun publicly revealing the used games most commonly traded in to its stores, with hit titles UFC 2009 Undisputedand Call of Duty: World at Wartopping the list.

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Captain Tuttle3188d ago

I'm surprised at KZ 2. I was checking out the used PS3 game section at my local Gamestop and didn't see 1 copy (anecdotal, I know).

dericb113188d ago

KZ2 and Infamous on this list. There is part of the reason sales aren't high. I really can't say much because a used game that recently came out is not $55 like Gamestop its $50-$45 which makes you want to get the used copy at Gamecrazy a lot more often.