Nintendo Profit Falls 66 Percent

Nintendo reported a 66 percent fall in quarterly operating profit on slowing demand for its Wii videogame console and a stronger yen, and stuck to its forecast for full-year a fall of 12 percent.

Nintendo, which competes with Sony and Microsoft in the videogame market, said operating profit came to 40.4 billion yen (258.4 million pounds) in April-June, against a 119.2 billion yen profit in the same quarter a year earlier.

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green3342d ago

Reduction in profit is not good but at least, it is better than a loss.They make a lot of profit of the hardware ,so they are in a fantastic position to drop prices and get those sales up there again.

socomnick3342d ago

Yup Nintendo like Microsoft lost some profit,this is entirely ok in these harsh economic times, but Sony lost Money they went negative this is bad.

A_Little_Girl3342d ago

go sony and nintendo, pleaez dont lose to microsoft

DanteLinkX3342d ago

the lil girl in that pic is really cute, looks kinda how Yuna from FFX would look if she was a kid.

KionicWarlord2223342d ago


Always makes me smile .

user39158003342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

WII want price cut. I failed for this garbage due to the remote skim and how crapy it turn out to be. Although, it has more value than the PS3 to me because I cant remember the last time anyone played the Fartstation 3 at home, and casually when we have a visit they just try out the wii and before an hour its up they tells you the wii its not accurate.

Enough talk, you get the point and I really dont have time to be writing because I need to burn a few games for the 360 and play them to see if they are warrant a purchase.

Yeap! Thats how I roll, I try the product first and if it is worth it than I buy it. Ironic as it might sound, but it is like having a girlfriend you know, you go for the first free ride and if she is any good than we keep them a little longer than the other back ups.

3341d ago