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The BS Police3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Definitly my most anticipated game this year. It looks like this could very well be the best campaign mode in a Halo game since Halo 1.

Edit: I also love that guitar at the end of the ViDoc.

Blaze9293276d ago

Hell yeah man. Already pre-ordered with release date delivery. Halo 1 was and still is freaking amazing and imo the best Halo of them all subtracting not having online multiplayer. The story was just too amazing and since then still hasnt been topped.

If ODST does it which it looks like it MIGHT then it'll be sweet. Only lame part about this game is the multiplayer is the same as Halo come on, i already own Halo 3.

AridSpider3276d ago

wow that trailer was actually pretty sick. the story mode definitely looks interesting.

Blaze9293276d ago

yeah exactly, that trailer was really well done. got me pumped through the roof.

king dong33276d ago

plus 4 player co-op in the campaign [lus halos version of horde mode and the complete halo3 on-line on a seperate one confrimed. not that it was ever in doubt.

oh, i forgot the halo reach beta invite aswell tres bien bungie tres bien.

Xandet3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

got me unbearably excited in itself, and Nolan North was a sweet little surprise. Honestly, I wasn't excited for ODST in the least before watching this.. but now I'm pretty damn pumped. Looks to be the most story-driven Halo game to date.. which is a very, very good thing.

MerkinMax3276d ago

The character models, lighting and shadowing look improved. This game looks really good and the trailer really gave me more insight into how cool the story looks.

Bnet3433275d ago

Downloading it on Marketplace now. Can't wait for ODST this Fall.

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silvacrest3276d ago

doesn't look bad, or atleast the video was polished pretty good

Kill Crow3276d ago

a single extension to a great franchise will be bought and played by more people than all the other so called AAA 2009 PS3 releases put together ...

Halo > (KZ2 + Uncharted2 + MAG + Infamous + GOW3 + etc etc )

RockmanII73276d ago

I hear you. Halo is the reason I'm a 360 owner. If it was a PS3 exclusive, I would be a PS3 owner. This game is a Day 1 for me. My one problem is that I'm afraid I might beat it the day I get it.

ThaOutKast3276d ago

WHy are you so good at getting me uber hyped for your games?

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