Sony Posts $390M Loss as PlayStation Sales Slump

Sony Corp. reported a second straight quarterly loss as the stronger yen pushed the company further behind Samsung Electronics Co. in television sales and the global recession drove down demand for video-game machines.

The net loss was 37.1 billion yen ($390 million) in the quarter ended June 30, compared with profit of 35 billion yen a year earlier

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G3TDOWN3276d ago

everyone is doing bad

There is always run after rise so dont worry, just wait and everything will be good maybe in a year or two

shocky163276d ago

At least they posted a profit on the gaming division.

XboxUltimateAlliance3276d ago

Shocky, the Xbox 360 also posted a profit for its second year in a row, while being the only console to see positive sales momentum and increases in 2009...while the Wii and PS3 have seen decreasing sales in 2009.(and much of 2008)

Power_of_Flops sure was trying hard to spin Microsoft's entertainment division profits for the last fiscal year, where is he to spin this?

sak5003276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


You work for sony or you just want to justify the losses of one corporation which you are in love with?

Jeezus the ps3 fans on this site would like to spin anything in sony/ps3s favor or just justifying it.

Well gone are the days when sony would say people would work 2 jobs to buy ps3. Now people are struggling to get one job or try to keep the only job they have so no time for expensive items.


Its like MS had foreseen economic collapase and decided to come out earlier with agreesive pricing and and dropped the price just in nick of time before the financial crises impact hit everyone so people could still buy something to entertain themselves at much lesser cost.

SRU96003276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Watching Sony this gen has been like watching a prizefighter that is well past his prime continue to get knocked around the ring by fighters that he would have easily beaten back in his "better days".

It just goes to show you that nobody stays at the top forever.

socomnick3276d ago

There is bad as in ms losing some PROFIT, then there is terrible like Sony losing money, not losing profit, but actually going negative.

Dragun6193276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Well, that sucks, I don't think will be seeing any PS3 price cut any time soon.

Unless If the PS3 slim is true and it becomes cheaper to produce. Sony might be able offset the loss with the new quarter by releasing the PSP Go and PS3 Slim. That's if the PS3 slim is real and comes with a price tag of $200-$300.

I see, Master Chief.

The Master Chief3276d ago

...profit went down in quarter 4 for their entertainment division, but like said above, Xbox 360 still made a profit last year and their gaming division did for the last fiscal year, even with a loss in one quarter.

RememberThe3573276d ago

Losses were expectedand are expected to continue. I'm not trying to spin this because you can't. They lost a ton of freakin money.

Sony needs to strengthen Sony Erisson, the Walkman brand, and sell more PlayStation games. Right now I think the only profitable parts of that company are the Music and Movie divisions.

It seems to me that the PS3 is going to be key in the success of their brand, and they need to get aggressive.

On that note, it makes me wonder if this is going to push SCE to release GT5 during the holiday season.

Omegasyde3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Wow do you guys call each other or live on the same street?
Socomnick,Sak500 and power of green, let alone bloodmask submitted this.

Back on Topic:
Sucks, for PS3 gamers. This might mean Sony might have to cancel out an exclusive to save some money. (Theory)

ultimolu3276d ago

You 360 fanboys...there's something wrong with all of you. I am not kidding. When someone posts losses regarding Microsoft, you guys make it your sole mission to spin it like crazy. But when it comes to this, you accuse PS3 fans of spinning?

Nobody is spinning this. The recession is severe. Do you really think Sony's the only company losing money? The yen is too strong against the dollar. Sony is a Japanese company and of course they'll suffer because of that.

The worst thing is that people are using multiple accounts and blatantly slamming buttons on people with opinions.

Some of you honestly need to grow up. You have got to be older than twenty, seriously.

3276d ago
Omegasyde3276d ago

“Stringer is probably headed in the right direction, but he hasn’t been clear how he’ll lift profit or how Sony’s going to grow,” DIAM’s Hirakawa said. “Sony needs to adopt a clearer strategy in selecting which businesses to focus on.”

"Stringer’s new management team, in place since April, has failed to adequately explain how it will produce more innovative products using Sony’s software and hardware, according to Yoshiharu Izumi, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Tokyo"

I have a feeling Sir Howard Stringer is going to get replaced real soon by his board members. I am just hoping Sony doesn't go the Vizio route on their TV's or Team up with Acer.

green3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


"Spam: (5 days 21 hours ago )
This is not a credible source. Microsoft lost revenue from their Entertainment division as well.

Team Xbox is spreading false misinformation.
Reported by: ultimolu"

your accusing 360 fans of spinning this article when you were doing the exact same thing in the "Xbox Division Records Second Profitable Year in a Row" article by reporting it as false when it clearly was not.

EDIT:Your comment below "Nobody can prove me wrong when I said the yen is a direct result of this and yet they slam disagrees like a couple of children."Now you are still spinning this article and i will prove it.

"PS3 sales were down from 1.6 million in Q108 to 1.1 million in Q109, while PSP sales were...well, abysmal. Down from 3.7 million to just 1.3 million. Those numbers were so poor, in fact, that Sony singled the handheld out as a key contributor to a record loss in operating income for Sony's Networked Products & Services Group, which saw the division lose ¥39.7 billion."

The last sentence in the Kotaku article is a direct quote from Sony.So as you can see it is not just the yen but reduced demand for their consoles, especially the PSP.

EDIT 2:@ Darkpower:And in that same article that your comment got deleted for trolling, i showed you other sources that verified Teamxboxs claim.A decline in profit is still a profit and far from a loss.

EDIT 3: Anyway, i hope Sony gets back on the road to profitability as soon as possible.As long as they are on top of their game, it will keep Microsoft on their toes as well.Competition is good for us gamers.

JD_Shadow3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah, I agree on Stringer being close to gone. He needs a wake up call, at least. You can't be expecting profit with machines that costs an arm and a leg to afford. You NEED to provide SOME price relief SOMEWHERE to get new adopters. How can you sell something if no one can AFFORD it?

Now, if only we could say the same about Bobby Kotick and Hiroshi Wada...

@green & Halo3 MLG Pro: That proved...nothing. Except that you can post (and then b!tch about) a report. It's not like it wasn't the only report that was on that story...and she was right: TeamXBox isn't the first site I'd go to for CREDITABLE news.

And if she is so foolish and not worth your time...then why are you responding? You're obviously offended enough to respond, so I've already failed...HARD!

[email protected]: I wonder when he was promoted (I don't know, and I'm too lazy to check right now). It could prove to be why we continue to hear this "oh, there will be no PS3 price cut! It isn't needed" when everyone and their mothers think otherwise.

Halo3 MLG Pro3276d ago

Oh the hypocritical one. I love how you always get caught with your foot in your mouth. Nice catch Green. :)

Omegasyde3276d ago

Yea, I am sure he is not sleeping well at night.

At this rate, the prick will destroy the Playstation brand to save the Sony Netbook department despite the Sony Vaio selling way more than the Netbooks.

commodore643276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah Ultimolu did get caught with her foot wedged somewhat squarely in her mouth, didn't she.

But, in a kind of kinky way, that seems to be what she does best and what makes her all the more lovable...


on topic, I am sorry to hear that:
"Stringer is cutting 16,000 jobs, shutting eight factories and halving its number suppliers to restore profitability."

That's not cool for the industry and absolutely terrible news for the workers and families. :(

Syronicus3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Whenever this type of story gets posted, the trolls come to roost. Sorry, but this information is of no consequence to me, you or anybody here that does not own stock in Sony. The games are all that matter and at the moment, Sony continues to produce great games for the PS3. Any of this financial BS is for the birds and investors. Fanboys are ridiculous.

It's so interesting to see how the hypocrites here are all in force. When there is negative Xbox news and the Sony trolls come in and start spamming you 360 fanboys get on the name calling band wagon and slam them for their efforts. Now that there is a negative Sony article the same people that pitch a fit about the Sony trolls are all in here trolling away. What a pathetic showing of hypocrisy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3276d ago

I never wish ill will on any of the three console manufacturers, because competition benefits consumers and this is bad for the industry as a whole.

A $40 million loss isn't that bad, but it makes you wonder if Sony can muster a PS3 price cut in 2009 let alone maintain the R&D budget. Furthermore all these cuts is likely to have a long term negative effect on the company from budget cuts in R&D.

vhero3276d ago

They wont drop as they fear loses but they get loses because they won't drop. There so stupid..

gaffyh3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

@1.20 - You have no idea how business works. If they drop the price they will lose money on each PS3 sold because it costs them pretty much $399 to make the machine and they sell it for the same price. If they cut, they lose immediately $50-100 on each PS3 sold, which they can only HOPE to get back from software sales.

On topic - As expected, although for some reason I expected an even larger loss, but whatever I'm sure some of this loss is R&D in to the new PS3 Slim. I hope for everyone's sake Sony do start going into profit eventually, because a world with only MS and Nintendo would suck.

Rampant3276d ago

We have to wait for all companies to post their reports before we can say how bad Microsofts decline in profits were.

The answer: Not very bad at all. 500 million dollars. Tough break.

Sez 3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

ownage approved. have a bubble. ultimolu is the biggest hypocrite on this site.she quick to talk crap about MS/360.but then when it's the shoe on the other foot. "EVERYONE NEEDS to grow up". lol

oh and i had to laugh at this one comment she made. "The worst thing is that people are using multiple accounts" ultimolu,ladydeathstrike,juuke n. and your talking about other making multiple accounts. i just glad that other see the real you.

on topic: looks like sony won't be dropping the price anytime soon. and with the releasing the psp go they will lose more money. being as most people ( not sony fanboy) will either wait for the price to drop or skip it all together. i think at this point sony need to talk to kojima and get him to make another MGS game to help the bleeding. LMFAO

@ultimolu. upset that you blocked me. LMFAO your a funny one. maybe your upset that i embarrassed you by calling you out. and i'm laughing because you got caught out again by someone else.

ultimolu3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Hey, vega75 how about you stay on topic? Still sore that I blocked you? Oh noes, go cry me a river. I had my reasons for blocking you first because I saw your comments and for the person that you are. If there's an indication where I am not fond of hearing you then I block you from sending me messages.

I have a right to do that so if you don't like it, then too bad for you.

It's very seldom that I do it.

Me using multiple accounts? I don't need multiple accounts to deal with someone like you.

You can celebrate Sony's *downfall* with the rest of your 360 friends there but I guarantee that Sony won't leave the gaming industry.

Don't hold your breath on it.

I am not a shareholder so it's not the end of the world. I know what's going on in the world right now and Sony's not the only one faced with problems. As long as they keep supporting the Playstation 3, that is fine with me.

This is my last comment and you guys can do whatever you want with it. It won't change my words.

Montrealien: Try telling that to the people wallowing in victory over something like this.

king dong33276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

you know, i'm surprised that the normal people who would be flocking to a microsoft losing money thread are not in here...interesting

ultimolo: lol you used all your bubbles in here in your defense of sony. whats the salary like being a sony soldier?

edit: montealien: very good post bubbles up. losing sony(which i dont think will happen by the way), would be a massive blow to the gaming industry. i'd rather see nintendo fall, and have microsoft and sony battling it out for our money.

Montrealien3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I just hope that get it together, Sony is and always will be one of the most innovative companies around in the world of entertainment, losing them would be very very bad.

As a side note, ever notice that even though Green defends MS and is always trying to defend claims from people pissing on MS, even in a comment like the one he did up there he still wishes Sony well. Some, not all, sony and MS (enthusiasts) should take note, just saying. At the end of the day, competition is good and we don't ever ever want one console to rule them all.

Ultimolu : it aint worth it, you should know that by now ;P

a_cold_soul3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Sony made a lot of bad choices and now they are paying for it..... But personally I hope Sony crash and burn

Jecht3276d ago

Look at all the 360 "enthusiasts" as Montrealien would say. Salivating at the mouth are you? Pleased with yourselves? And what exactly do you gain from Sony's loss? You do understand don't you that multiple companies across the world are posting losses in a global recession?

Oh, but it's easy to blame the PS3 as being arrogant and blah blah blah.

So let me ask all of you rabid 360 "enthusiasts" this. If Sony pulled out, do you actually think it would be GOOD for gaming? You really want a market with just Nintendo and their disregard for the people that made them what they are, and Microsoft who could charge you for the virtual air your NXE Avatar breathes? Does that sound like a good thing to you?

Sony posted a loss across the board from all their divisions. Microsoft did too, though it was softened by the profit from the 360. A loss is still a loss, and Microsoft did post a loss. Just because the article was spun in a way which downplays their overall loss and instead emphasizes the 360's gain doesn't mean they didn't lose money.

*Sigh* No matter what Sony brings to this generation of gaming, it's never good enough. Whatever, nothing I say will make a difference. Continue on with your small minded attacks.

green3276d ago

It's the truth.I don't hate Sony at all but their fanboys.I do wish them well, and anyone that wishes Sony to fall is an absolute idiot.The Auto and Gaming industry are the 2 industries i love and it's really sad when i go on the web to see car giants canceling amazing projects,laying off workers or declaring bankruptcy and all.Look at Lamborghini putting the fantastic looking Estoque on hold indefinitely

I like my xbox and is my console of choice this gen.But i can appreciate what the competition has done.If not for competition, XBL would have no reason to evolve,PS3 will still be £425, there would be no need for Natal,PSN would still be rubbish etc etc.

I live in Oxford and one of my closest friends here owns only a PS3.He relies on me to give him honest advise about PS3 games.1st game i pushed him into buying was Uncharted,then GTA4,MGS4 and Killzone 2 (for some strange reason he does not like Killzone and MGS4).He plays my 360 and i play his PS3.We both have a blast talking about games and enjoying what each respective console has to offer.

Now, why cant fanboys especially Sony fanboys be like that?Why cant we come on N4G and instead of slating the other console, we discuss the merits of each one,criticize when its needed and just be gamers.I swear if it was like that, there would be 10 times more dual console owners on N4G.

TheTwelve3276d ago

I'd actually be disturbed by this news if there wasn't a world-wide recession.


nycredude3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Wow we sure have a lot of experts on running a company. Fact is in this kind of economic times everyone is hurting and need to reorganize. It isn't so easy as having a price cut here, and dropping thi product here. They will have to rough it out and cut what they can, and eventually this will change. I am sure, just like with every company they are making changes in order to stay competitive.

Btw why are so many people concerned that Sony can't afford the price cut? I know I'm not cause I bought my muther freaking Ps3 at launch to support the console. Now if you people are so concerned about Sony then why don't you get off your wallets and support them and buy a Ps3 then! Instead everyone here complains about the price, even though it's a good value and if you look hard you can buy it for like 280. Bunch of hipocrites here.

Edit: Cheap ass ones i might add!

@nine below

Are you kidding me. There isn't a day that go buy where I don't see some kind of BS article about a possible price cut, or the slim, or some stupid analys or company saying they need a price cut. All this does affect the sales of the console, probably more than you think! It's amazing that $300 is too much for a quality console that offers so much, yet people blow that kind of money on more useless stuff all the time. You can't even get a good hooker in NYC for that. That won't even get you to Florida, or vegas on a plane. Not even a bottle of johnny walker at a club in the city!

A night in any steakhouse, Mortons, Uncle jacks, Lugers, you'll be thirsty all night because you can forget about the drinks!

Nineball21123276d ago

There is no way to spin this... Sony isn't doing well financially at the moment. Lots of companies are in the same boat, but that doesn't change the fact that Sony is hurting right now.

The small silver lining in all of this is that "financial reports say that Sony actually beat earnings estimates, following a series of cost-cutting measures by Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer." - Gamasutra

That at least tells me that hopefully the stock won't get slammed by investors since they were expected to do worse than the actually did.

Sony makes (in my opinion) great products... From the PS3 to their Bravia HDTV's. I know it's fun to speculate, but as big a company as Sony is and as big a brand name as they have... I can't see them ceasing production of the PS3 any time soon.

It is worrisome in regards to a potential price drop however. As much as some might want to deny it, all of the talk about an imminent price drop or a PS3 Slim probably HAS dampened sales. If people expect a price drop in the near future (6 - 12 months), they'll hold off on buying a current unit.

Now, having said that... that isn't the reason for Sony's loss, but it probably is a contributing factor.

Anyways, I hope Sony AND Nintendo AND Microsoft can ride out this recession and be able to offer gamers choices for many years to come.

Applegate3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

sorry mate but rumors on N4G and other gaming forums have no impact whatsoever in the "real world". 9/10 gamers probably never ever go on gaming forums like this one especially those who dont have a PS3 after almost 3 years which means they aren't hardcore gamers while people on gaming forums are hardcore gamers.

So drop that "its because of the slim rumors" excuse.

PS3 sales slump is because of recession, poor marketing and high price.

Montrealien3276d ago

Applegate, this aint a rumor.

As for your (Hardcore) explentation I could not dissagree more. I have been running a gaming store for years, I have seen plenty of different kinds of gamers in my years and one thing is for sure, the self discribed (hardcore) gamer you see online all the time is very rare outside, in the realworld. I have seen gamers that are as hardcore as you could imagine, yet don`t even have a freaking computer or internet ffs.

Applegate3276d ago

Ok, you're probably right.

But I still think that the rumor has no impact at all since 99% of people have never even heard of it.

Sez 3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

as much as i don't like sony. i hate the sonyfanboy even more. but not once have i ever said that i want them to go out of business or leave the game industry. my reasons for disliking sony is personal much like sony fanboys personal hate for MS. but i don't want any company to leave the gaming industry. if you or anyone on this site want to go back in my comment history and check. i may hate sony but i don't want them gone. i just don't support them. thats it.

but i do find it funny. when darkrider66 post a story about MS a few days ago. sonyfanboys couldn't resist running in and claiming doom and gloom for the 360. are now the ones crying foul and acting innocent. and most of the sony loyalist like darkrider66,el batto,mario64,morgenfell,ect. the same one's claining doom and gloom for the 360/MS. are no where to be found in this thread. and for that very reason alone. is the reason why 360 fanboys are doing the same thing here.

Lifendz3276d ago

To paraphrase just about every episode of ListenUp!: "C'mon Sony, you're losing so much money that you have to drop the price to keep from losing even more money"

Anyone else not see the logic in the above statement?

raztad3276d ago


So much hate towards Sony here :D. It's so funny. I can feel how 360 fans rejoice with the idea of Sony quiting the gaming market. That wont happen dudes, dont get your hopes high. I hope/expect Sony gaming division be in black real soon now, software sales, PSP GO, and the expected PS3 price cut would get the job done. I foresee the Sony-Erickson brand having a real serious restructuring, this division is a big source of loses w/o good future projections.

Hard times for Sony, yeah but I got not stocks, so it doesnt affect me while they still continue pulling amazing games out, and that is granted. BTW, October 13 cant come soon enough, UC2!! awesomeness.

@360 fans (=Sony haters) you guys, really need a game to talk about. It's really sad SC was delayed, cause all you attention is focused on "financial analysis", stock markets, sales. Now I undertand MS strategy, twiter/facebook is an amazing place to talk about economic stuff. Have a good time.

Foliage3276d ago

What's up with the spin on this one? The loss was not just caused by the Playstation 3 alone. Get passed the fabricated biased title the person who posted this used, and actually read the article.

The Playstation 3 is barely mentioned, it's obvious where they are pointing the blame at and it is hardly at Playstation.

In fact PS3 loses were almost expected with the current state of the market.

xTruthx3276d ago

So much lost yet they still manage to give us new games everytime, plus updates on home and firmware updates.

SaberEdge3276d ago

I am really disappointed with my fellow 360 gamers. Nobody should be happy when a company posts a loss. Some 360 gamers are always complaining about the PS3 fanboys--and I'll admit I did too at one time--but the 360 fanboys have shown themselves to be EXACTLY like the PS3 fanboys. And that is the truth that I slowly came to realize: fanboys of any type are the same. No group is any less guilty than the other.

I love my 360 and I love my PS3 and I hope that both companies will stay healthy and will continue to compete for our gaming dollar for a long time to come.

kewlkat0073276d ago

but coupled with the YOY numbers it makes it look worst. Then again, this is expected from everyone.

SaberEdge3276d ago

How can anybody disagree with what I wrote? Unless you are some kind of ULTRA fanboy. Pathetic.

Fanboys on all sides suck.

Rhythmattic3276d ago


SaberEdge , Fair Comment , Unfair disagrees.

Homicide3276d ago

Ahahahaha. Awesome ownage Green - have a bubble. Ouch at Sony. Didn't expect it to be this bad.

Trollimite3276d ago

that 390 million is chump change!

we're talking about a multi billion dollar company here.

dan reeves makes 13.8 million dollars a year!

cherrypie3276d ago

"Everyone is doing bad"

PS3 sales decline Year over Year.
Xbox 360 sales *increase* Year over Year.

Dont try and explain, excuse or dodge-that-away. The fact remains: The PS3 is an absolute failure, and it's costing Sony dearly.

a_squirrel3276d ago

Well duh they lose money! They lose like $20 a console

Syronicus3276d ago

Exactly. Sony averages about 79 billion dollars per year in fiscal earnings. Yes, that's dollars, not yen. The company alone is worth 230 billion USD and employs over 180,000 employees.

The company can take a hit and keep ticking. Too bad the FUD spreading fanboys here on the 360 side of things ignore the facts and run right for the bad news.

kewlkat0073276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Right... is it the same, when your boy darkrider was playing CFO on the recent, "MS loosing money" article?

That must be "Good Fud"

N4g_null3276d ago

To raztad and other that think this is hate. No one wanted to see the industry this weak. Hell I was even hoping for a high end skew and a low end skew just so SONY would have both markets. The reason why this is news is we have had a lot of companies go and seriously if the hardcore gamers did not know that SONY really needs their support then they would have been dead by now.

The worst thing a MS fan could do is to act like the PS3 does not exist and that they are loosing so much money. Then PS3 fans would not try to keep the moral up yet the biggest thing is they would be even more picky about the games they buy and possibly pick up the xbox version. As a PC owner I even though about getting a PS3 to help them out. Yet I know that may not be enough.

I like many other want to see a plan that says they will be sticking around.

Another thing is they have cut into the lose though... I believe it is down from 500 mil to now the small number of 300 million. They are making progress and hopefully things will reach even back next year.

Hate does not effect a system the Wii proves that. We mostly come here to talk about the state of gaming. Am I right?

Syronicus3276d ago

My boy Darkrider? Please, grow up. All fanboys are douche bags. This thread just happens to be flooded with MS Fanboys spreading the FUD. When the Sony trolls break out in an Xbox thread, and have equally invalid points as the Xbox trolls do here, then I would be more than willing to say something about them there.

Fanboys need to learn a little math. A company that takes in nearly 80 billion USD a year taking a loss of 390 million... That's a drop in the bucket.

cmrbe3276d ago

and yet SCEI is still bringing out top exclusives and green lighting more which is what i really care about.

Sony always have a long term goal when it comes to PS. It has already won Sony the HD format wars. In time it will be another successful PS console. That will come to pass.

For those that are saying its a disaster and SCEI will close shop. Remember that xbox in its entire lifetime didn't get any money back for MS.

Bob Loblaw3276d ago


I have no idea how it happened! I've never even given my friends the email that I sign in with, let alone the password!

evrfighter3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

its never good to hear about these kinds of problems in the gaming or hardware industry. When one wins we lose. HOWEVER

That's the risk they took when they decided to go with new technology. How many years later and they are STILL not able to afford a price cut. While M$'s hardware is getting cheaper by the month since it's basically pc parts.

It's logical to state that there's no sense in lowering the price on a product even more when that product has been losing money to begin with. I'm sorry but in the technology world if your parts still aren't any cheaper years later that's called a bad investment.. That's nobodies fault but their own.

I as a gamer do not want to see a big player shut down their gaming division. BUT I don't feel sorry for them. lesson learned Sony. Take your lumps but at least try again.


And this is good news. If get your head out of your @ss for a moment and read/watch anything economy related today you'll probably had heard the latest economy on crysis relatory.

Japan has been specially cited a lot on many news.

Sony has been cited as an example of Japan recover, since it reported loss way smaller than first previewed.

The recession in Japan hit harder than in US, if you guys have watched anything aside from N4G you'll probably know that.

TapiocaMilkTea3275d ago

Why is Sony's stock up 10% today? PS3 Slim coming soon?

+ Show (54) more repliesLast reply 3275d ago
feejo3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Keep the PS2 and bring up the slim at 200$ bundle with Metal Gear + Killzone 2.

"now faces the task of competing against Nintendo’s Wii and DS portable players, as well as Apple’s touch-screen iPods and iPhones. "

Well that E3 remote is needed now and bundle with a sport game to use it and PS3 at 200$

iDystopia3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Sony has had all the Flops they can handle. That would be one Flop too many.

mesh13276d ago

after i long TIME here on n4g and after being a 360 fan for some time i decided to get a ps3 3 months ago and gues what the console and its games are soooo overrated its hard to start,kz2 garabge mp experience boring sp.resisitance series i wont even bother typing about this crap ,uncharted had charm and was nice but it has 0 depth in gameplay and does not come close to any xbox 360 aaa titles ,so yes i hate sony cause of the ps3 fanboys that lie about their avrage games.

The_Beast3276d ago

..... you do know sony has many ways of making money. one of which is sony pictures..

pulled in 10 billion USD in 08 :/

All Time Greatness3276d ago

PS3 is about to go the way of the Do-do bird, a.k.a become an extinct species.

Seriously PS3 is a FLOP. Rofl @ Sony.

For laughs:

"It’s probably too cheap…"
– Ken Kutaragi, Regarding the $499 to $599 price point

"(the PS3) is not a game machine…"
- Ken Kutaragi, Regarding the machine’s beefy hardware architecture

"We do not care."
– Kaz Hirai, current President of Computer Entertainment, regarding competition from Microsoft and Nintendo

"…for consumers to think to themselves ‘I will work more hours to buy one’. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."
– Ken Kutaragi, explaining their marketing goals for the PS3

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1200 bucks for it."
- Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO

"The first five million are going to buy it (PS3), whatever it is, even [if] it didn't have games."
- David Reeves, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO

"Microsoft does not concern us. Microsoft is not a technology company."
- Nobuyuki Idei, Sony chief corporate adviser in an interview with BBC NEWS

"A bit pricey."
- Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, speaking about Nintendo Wii in an interview with the

"The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC."
- Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, in an interview with GameSpot

"I have no concerns about the competition."
- Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios speaking at the Game Developer Conference

"I don’t think we’re arrogant."
– Phil Harrison, regarding consumer perception of Sony

"We're certainly not interested in Gimmicks."
- Kaz Hirai0 E32k6, right before showing off Eye of Judgement.

....LOL... Sony in 2009 =


The Master Chief3276d ago

That was funny.

Sony are a bunch of clowns

Kill Crow3276d ago

The truth hurts doesn't it .... poor droids ... in D.E.N.I.A.L.

3276d ago
JonnyBadfinger3276d ago

$390 million................ oh my.

care to explain sony loyalists, clearly all your fault for not supporting your console of choice. But hey! looks like next gen your gunna have to pay for online play like us superior gamers over on the 360.

If you can afford to buy a PS3 you obviously have money, so can afford to pay $50 for a 1 year subscription.

Its could jack up Sony profits.

And as quoted by every Sony fanboys favourite Nelson M " Haa HAAAA! "

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I have never seen so many Rats er erm i mean ChatBots on this!!! ;-D

KEEP DREAMING TWITterBots!!! SONY's PS3 'WILL' be here for another 8 years!!! ;-P

The ChatBox 360 WON'T!!! ;-D

commodore643276d ago

@ alltimegreatness

Well said. Bubbles.

OmarJA3276d ago

Looks like M$$lut$ are swarming again with their little rrod panties, LMAO!

Look @ the disagrees! pathetic sad bots with multiple accounts to makes them feel better.

All Time Greatness3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

King Kaz is crying himself to sleep every night now, huh.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi, Phil Harrison, Dan Reeves...they all jump overboard off that sinking ship, huh?

King Kaz is next!!

Judgement day is near for King Kaz!