Pong Creator Reveals New Game

Koku Gamer writes: 'Pong creator Nolan Bushnell has revealed his new game Battleswarm: Field of Honor.'

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Dipso3223d ago

Ralph're not forgotten.

A HiFi3223d ago

Well, there are a number of Pong 'creators'. Bushnell is credited as one, but yes you're right...Ralph Baer should not be forgotten.

gaffyh3223d ago

*50% of N4G audience (e.g. Applegate) goes to search Google and find out what Pong is...*


Mindboggle3223d ago

Your not a gamer and shouldnt be on N4G if you dont know what Pong is..

callahan093223d ago

Alan Alcorn deserves more credit than Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell just saw an Odyssey playing Table Tennis (which was Ralph Baer's work) and decided to ask Alan Alcorn to make something like it. So Alan Alcorn designed and programmed Pong at Bushnell's request.

A HiFi3223d ago

Indeed, but there were quite a few people involved. The first poster mentions Ralph Baer and then you mention Allan Alcorn. Bushnell is the only one to my knowledge still kicking it in the games industry today though.

Power_of_Black3223d ago

You mean those 50% that think Halo deserved a 10 and it was teh f1rst video evar

A HiFi3223d ago

You know, I find the thought of someone not knowing Pong odd. But, when you think about it, some kids who play Halo and the likes probably don't. Hmph.

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Jack_Burton3223d ago

Whoa... the OG's are coming back..

--joshua--3223d ago

that cracked me up


Timesplitter143223d ago

sure is World of Warcraft graphics in there

(just kidding, the game sounds great)

kingme713223d ago

Nolan was born in 1943 which makes him 66. He said he made this games to compete with his sons... How old are his sons - 30's, 40's?

A HiFi3223d ago

Have to admit, I thought the same thing. =p But if they're in their 30s/40s, they've probably still got sharper reflexes!

callahan093223d ago

Men can create babies into old age. Didn't Charlie Chaplin have babies in his 80's? Just because he's 66 doesn't mean he doesn't have little ones.

A HiFi3223d ago

According to wiki, he had his last one at 73! Thanks for that off-but-kinda-on-topic nugget of info. =p

kingme713223d ago

Looked it up, Nolan has 8 kids from 12 to 40 in age (man was busy). He also owned Chuck-e-Cheese at one point in time. Interesting life. Didn't they make a movie about him not too long ago?

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