FastCompany Interview: Microsoft's Shane Kim on Project Natal and the Xbox 360 Road Map

Microsoft continues to push the social networking and entertainment capabilities of the Xbox 360--games on demand and group movie viewing are two such features due in the next system update (due in August). Fast Company asked Shane Kim, Microsoft's VP of Strategy and Business Development for Interactive Entertainment, about the evolution of Xbox Live and what the launch of Project Natal means for the business.

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ShabzS3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

"It's important that Xbox Live is not viewed as an island, but something that integrates well with other social networks--so Facebook and Twitter integration is very important"

good interview... looks like we wont be seeing a new xbox in the next 4 yrs... the way he's saying it is that the 4 or 5 years cycle before this gen was apparant since the jump from 2d to 3d to 3d HD was needed .... but this time its the software thats going to make the jump with natal... as the hardware is pretty powerfull already... they need to find a solution to dvd 9 though...

@kionic ... he actually looks very slee-... no wait thats probably racist

KionicWarlord2223344d ago


Yeah it was a good interview.

I wonder what other plans they have for XBOX LIVE in the future .....

Blaze9293344d ago

LMFAO I see what you did there! lmao

Good interview overall

Natsu X FairyTail3344d ago

roflmao You're a Fool for this one @ Shbazar!

GiantEnemyCrab3342d ago

forget sleepy or constipated. Shane Kim is high as a kite in that pic!

I was doing some work at the MS campus and saw Kim and Matrick out back smoking a spliff.. that's how they roll. ;)

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No_NaMe3344d ago

Microsoft going beyond and huge like allways!

Xbox 360 was the past , is the present and will be the FUTURE!

DelbertGrady3344d ago

Jack Tretton > Shane Kim

Shane Kim has teh RROD!

Man_of_the_year3344d ago

You know, because you have such a well known name everyone knows that you are being sarcastic...but i am willing to bet that if you said all the same things with a different would have 9 bubbles by now.

Sunny_D3343d ago

Really? Because I'm pretty sure that in the article with Sony posting a $390 million dollar lost, I saw Xbox fanboys getting most of the agrees and Sony fanboys getting most of the disagrees. So I'm wondering what are Xbox people doing in a Sony article?

P.S. You say that you own both consoles, yet I only see you say negative things about SONY and their fanboys, yet you don't condone the xbox fanboys when they say nothing but illogical BS? Atleast, SaberEdge who favors the 360 actually hopes Sony good things.

Man_of_the_year3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

On the contrary. I only point out the Sony Fanboys. I love my PS3 and if you read my history you would have seen that i have said that many times. I also have stocks in MS and Sony so i don't want either console to fail let alone any of there other products or services that they both offer.

I just try and reduce the FUD that the majority of the people on this site throw around....and the majority of people doing it is Sony Fanboys, so ya i will target them...since i only have 2 bubbles i have to select carefully who i "educate" and i most often stay out of the 98% of flamebait articles. There are PLENTY of SOny Fanboys that correct any FUD that is said by a MS fanboy so what is the sense of me also commenting when i only have 2 bubbles.

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SaberEdge3343d ago

Good interview. I have always liked Shane Kim, he seems like an intelligent guy and has a clear vision for Xbox 360.

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