Amazon price cuts PS3 160GB to under $450

Retailer this week price cut Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 160GB bundle SKU to under $450 in a new hardware discount.

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sinncross3273d ago

Nice price!

Hopefully we see an official cut in the price, as long as Sony can afford to do so.

Cwalat3273d ago

Which they can't afford...

I think they'll slowly stop shipping the regular PS3 80GB/160GB as soon as they announce the PS3 slim.

By now, it's pretty much confirmed they'll announce PS3 Slim at GameCon in Germany this August, the proof:

-Game stores are selling the regular 80GB PS3's for under 349$
-Constant leaks of pics on the new PS3 Slim from Asia (they are probably ditched concepts of the real PS3 Slim)
-Sony have confirmed a 3 hour keynote at Gamecon (More than double the time of E3 keynote)
-Sony have ordered large ammount of hardware components for new PS3's SKU to their factories

So it's pretty much clear that they are announcing Slim soon, and i think they'll announce GT5 for this year aswell.

As for the price... If they announce a 350$ pricepoint for the Slim version, it will be the most selled console this christmas without a doubt. But i have hard time thinking they'll actually announce it so cheap after all their losses with the PS3... The more realistic number is 399$ for Slim and the remaining thick PS3's will go for 300-349$. But that's just my guess.

Come this August... at Gamecon... Sony will announce PS3 slim... and whoever announces it, be it Kaz or Jack... one of them will say: "The second worst kept secret in gaming industry!"