Mirror's Edge Wii Concept Art Surfaces

Mirror's Edge was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last year, with a PC version following soon after. But Electronic Arts likes going multi-platform, and it appears that they were strongly considering a Wii version of the game as well. Rumored concept art from a Wii prototype of the game has surfaced. The style is somewhat reminiscent of the game's cutscenes, and suggest that the team would have gone with a third-person style had the game been completed.

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ChickeyCantor3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Concept art...? Doesn't tell much about platform.

kesvalk3219d ago

yea... remember me the flash tech demo they developed... who knows...

it's never too late to make a new interation of a game... if they used the POP3 engine, they could make a very good game...

STK0263219d ago

are you talking abour prince of persia 3? And if so, how would EA develop a game using one of Ubisoft's proprietary engine?

As for the game itself, ME was enjoyable and refreshing thanks to it's immersive 1st person view, making a TPS game with it would, in my opinion, be a waste.

Cwalat3219d ago

what is this doing in the PSP section :S ?

mrv3213219d ago

Leave EA alone...

EA likes going multiplatform, atleast they are not stupid ports EA are starting to take their time, look at dead space... they didn't just do a port they are spending time on it to make a game for the wii.

Chubear3219d ago

How hard is this to understand when talking about Mass Effect franchise?

PS360WII3219d ago

"How hard is this to understand when talking about Mass Effect franchise?" because! that is all ;)

Anywho. I didn't get Mirror's Edge on the other platforms so I doubt I would be interested in a Wii version either. Concept art is neat enough... what ever happened to that one flash game that made it a 2D side scroller?

Ellessdee3219d ago

well they did make a pc version of Mass Effect. that mean its technically multiplatforms. =P

but no they should make a ps3 version, everyone diserves to play that brilliant game. i'd still stick with the pc versions though if they did do it.

SlaughterMeister3219d ago

If they'll finish the game this time.

It felt like a lot was left undone on the original releases.

Samus HD3219d ago

this will be coller and much better gameplay than the athers consoles.
Wii is the best for this kind of games :D

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