Dylan Jobe Has Celestial Milestone Ready for Sony

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Much is still left unclear on Dylan Jobe's latest game. Ever since the online epic, Warhawk, Dylan has been out of the videogaming world's spotlight. Earlier this year, Dylan Jobe and a number of associates left Incognito, and formed their own development team, LightBox Interactive. And very soon, we are going to see what the newly formed studio has to offer."

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Sev3307d ago

I really hope it's Starhawk. It's a great concept.

ps3gamerkyle3307d ago

Not to mention Dylan Jobe's team is phenomenal.

ThanatosDMC3307d ago

The better have battle cruisers and frigates and fighters and tanks and mechs and whatever else! Cant wait to see what they came up with.

poopsack3307d ago

please no mechs, but i would love more variation in ground vehicles, halo and warhawk can be compared in their graphic/theme style and one thing I feel halo does really well are the ground vehicles.

I need to know about starhawk ASAP! Warhawk is the best online experience ive ever had.

INehalemEXI3307d ago

Guaranteed cheddar out of my pocket in the future if this turns out to be starhawk.

FamilyGuy3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Is their new studio 1st party?

ANYWAY, so many loved Warhawk, i hope their next title releases in 2010 rather than later. I like the idea, Space is more interesting to me.

@ below, thank you

INehalemEXI3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

They are in a multi year, multi title partnership with sony I think thats second party, since they only do games for PS systems.

NO_PUDding3307d ago

I guess I shouldn't expect anything else from a blog, but we won't be seeing this 'very soon'.

I doubt we'll even hear about the game officially, this year.

But there is a team of awesome and talented people working on it, very clever and considered designers. Their writing, make me extremely excited to see what they're capable of, becuase they can identify so much.

Chubear3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

and we know this one will likely have a SP campaign too. SUWEEET!

Wasn't a big fan of Warhawk (just couldn't gel with the gameplay mechanics) but I'd definitely check this one out no problem.

ThanatosDMC3307d ago

Butt butt... i love mechs...

rockleex3306d ago

I just don't like how you can't turn off vehicles in the game.

I like how there were dogfight matches where its just planes versus planes. But they totally forgot to add a purely man to man match, no vehicles.

jaxx3773306d ago

I hope this means there will be an announcement at Gamecom, but since Jobe started at SCEA before Lightbox I am guessing we won't see this till GDC or E3 next year

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dopeboimagic923307d ago

Saw some shiz on Twitter from Light Box but didn't read it yet. Gonna check it out now.

Nitrowolf23307d ago

man its been awhile since i heard from this guy.
Starhawk would be sick, loved warhawk

ps3gamerkyle3307d ago

He literally just dropped off the radar. On the PS Blog, he always seemed like a cool guy.

Nitrowolf23307d ago

lol i know , whats weird is i was just thinking about it today what ever happened to that Dylan Jobe guy.

DoucheVader3307d ago

StarHawk, I still pop WarHawk in from time to time.

ps3gamerkyle3307d ago


Warhawk is a very tough game for beginners, or people who haven't played in a while.

poopsack3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

i used to have that prob, all i do is swallow the ownage and try to have fun, then u get the hang of it again.

@Below: lol i avoid the sky as much as i can.

Omegasyde3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )


The warhawk Pilot Vets own everything.

If your playing against a team with 2 ace pilots, you might as well as turn off the game. Granted game is very balanced, an elite pilot can own any elite tanker, gunner, AA gunner....

Edit: ^^^ I know but its hard to win CTF. No matter how fast your jeep is or how much armor the battleship has, you always die.

Too bad you can't snipe down a warhawk in one shot :)

Admiral_Benson3307d ago

I decided to have a few games on Warhawk the other day after not playing for a fair few months, switched it on and spent the next 45 mins getting absolutely OWNED.........LOTS.

When i first played it (bought it off the PSN on release day) i used to hold my own, had respectable scores, KD ratio etc but not anymore.

There are some ridiculously good players on Warhawk these days!

Starhawk would be awesome........Warhawk in space, how could it get any better!?

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poopsack3307d ago

oh god, the idea of all the possibilities in Starhawk....oh god. Singleplayer hopefully, i love warhawk, just imagine this.

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