Doctors lure women into Chlamydia tests with iPods, Wii consoles

PATIENTS are being lured into being tested for Chlamydia with prizes such as iPods and Wii consoles. Women tested for the infection are put into a monthly draw at regional offices of the British National Health Service.

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ThanatosDMC3033d ago

HAHAH! Well, it's best that people are checked for these kinds of things... especially if they get around. (not my type of women)

Bob Loblaw3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Women who spend lots of time on the Wii need to be checked out for this stuff.

See what I did there?

The Doctor: "Miss, come play with my Wii, and afterwards take a much needed Chlamydia test"

And there ;)

Mo0eY3033d ago

"Here, Ms. *****, take a gander at my Wii."

LinuxGuru3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Ok...this should only be under Wii and mobile.

360 man3032d ago

that should be good for you.

too much sleeping around with nasim aka obama/mooey