Sega: Sonic Quality to Be 'Fixed Over Time'

IndustryGamers recently caught up with Ratcliffe, and naturally they had to ask him about the Sonic quality issue again.

"The quality is something that will be fixed over time. It's not something where you wake up one morning and say, 'You know what, we're going to improve our quality on this franchise,' and it magically happens. A lot of hard work goes into striving for quality. Interestingly, I think Sonic Unleashed was very well received by the kids. There was some talk about the werehog aspect, the slower pacing and more combat-oriented gameplay, but when we go out and test this stuff and sit down with the consumers, kids actually like that. I think older, die-hard Sega fans who grew up with the franchise and the first Sonic the Hedgehog associate Sonic more with 2-D side-scrolling super fast, and they liked the daytime gameplay, but when it came to the slower paced gameplay they were fairly critical of that, and that's fine – they have their opinions," he responded.

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rhood0223273d ago

Just do a Sonic game in the same style as New Super Mario Bros.

Done and Done.

It's not rocket science SEGA. People have been saying for years that they want a return to the roots of the series--fast paced, linear Sonic platforming goodness.

The fact that people went ape sh*t over the early trailers of Sonic Unleashed that showed a New SMB-esque retool of the series should have been the first clue as to WHAT THE FANS WANT.

It's that simple