IGN: The Home Graveyard is Real

Since its inception, there have been rumors of a mysterious graveyard in Home. Some folks claim to have been to its ghastly locale, only to return bruised, beaten and scarred, clinging onto the virtual life that they've spent so much time bowling and staring at trailers with.

Now, you too will see the horrors of a graveyard in Home as a Burn, Zombie, Burn!-themed zone is coming this Thursday. To find out more about the new space, IGN fired off a handful of questions to DoubleSix's game engineer, David Dow.

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Mr Tretton3279d ago

So is it worth it to step foot back in Home yet? I haven't bothered since the open Beta started

Omegasyde3279d ago

Motorstorm Pacific Rift is getting In-Home game launching, which is worth it. Hard to find people to play.

Other than that no.

poopsack3279d ago

I had a good amount of fun last time i entered, with no need to socialize, just gaming, i played the Resistance 2 and infamous mini games, the DJ game in the EA space and the crat racing game also in the EA Space, plus some namco arcade games. Finished all of that up and saw some things i won, which were nice. I htink its worth it to go in every once in a while.

rockleex3279d ago

At first I thought this was a hint at MediEvil coming to the PS3 or something.

Uzesgelen_Goo3278d ago

mee tooo. at first reading headline and looking at pic it looks like MediEvil but reading the source it turns Burn Zombie Burn...b it dissapointed...

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3279d ago

Yep i have been there. There were LOADS of xBox 360's buried there!!! ;-D
(Next to the E.T Games and Original xBox's and HD-DVD players and Zunes and Vista and...!!!) ;-D

Gen0ne3279d ago

That would have been hilarious.

Syronicus3279d ago

The last time I went into Home, the place was full of folks and in fact, in some spaces it was too crowded. It tkase forever in some cases to even play some of the mini games. It may not be my cup of tea but Home is certainly not a ghost town.

shutupandplay3279d ago

I`m honestly trying to keep myself from laughing. Home graveyard? ooooh spooooooky!

DelbertGrady3279d ago

Is that were they bury their inferior multiplat games?

dazzalfc3279d ago

Nah, just were they bury inferior hardware like the 32X, Gamecube, HD-DVD addons and certain RRoD stricken consoles.....

Oooo look, i can play retarded fanboy too :-0

DelbertGrady3279d ago

The difference is that you don't play.

Shane Kim3279d ago

Obviously, neither do you.

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The story is too old to be commented.