New Worms on DSiWare, WiiWare and PSNetwork?

Spong held an interview with Martyn Brown from Team 17 who mentioned that some new Worms games will be heading for multiple systems as download content.

Quoting the interview he said:

"There's a bunch of things coming out: there's a new Worms for Wii, and PSP and probably DSi coming down the line as well. All digital. And some other new stuff, off in the distance, which we can't discuss… so… well, it's all non-Worms stuff as well."

After the release of Worms on iPhone and iPod Touch it seems like Team 17 continues the digital distribution and will set up some new Worms games, soon.

At this time there is no official announcement but can be expected anytime soon.

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Bob Loblaw3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I enjoyed Worms on PSN and XBLA.

YES, I bought both! Occasionally, I lend my PS3 or 360 to my sister and and sometimes she'll buy an arcade/PSN game if the system she borrows doesn't have it. She also likes the consoles to match so she buys the games on both even though she knows one of them already has it:/

I have 3 copies of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix because she wanted the consoles to match so she bought one copy on each, and then one time when she borrowed my 360, she made her own account and forgot she already bought it on MY account so she bought it AGAIN...

I wish I could somehow take a picture of all that and make a poster that says:

They Waste Your Money