GT Pop-Block: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

Pick apart the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay and see some things you might not have noticed the first time around!

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Pandamobile3158d ago

I don't think the AC-130 destroys the terrain like the video said. Breaking a fire hydrant and blowing up a car is a lot different that blowing holes in walls.

The Hunter3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Men.. i hope so, that the building's also can be destroyed. That has made Red Faction and Battlefield: Bad Company great games!

I missed that by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, hope Gametrailers has it good!

EDIT: And that helicopter.. wow i hope it is true, vehicles!

outlawlife3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

those things are still part of the environment, so yes it does destroy environment, it is just limited destruction

the destruction is up from cod4 but not to the point of blowing up things like bad company

I honestly think destroying infrastructure would kind of kill this game, otherwise every map would end up being a wide open gun battle that really doesn't lend itself to being fun

deadpoole3158d ago

I hope maps will be bigger and larger in scale as compared to Modern Warfare 1 cuz they were damn small and I hate when players throws grenades from one end of the map to the other and you die.

mjolliffe3158d ago

Good environment, it should be a brilliannt game

SH3MRON3158d ago

...and I am glad they don't have them. I liked MW without them and its one of the things I have about WaW cause on some of the level people camp around tank spawns just to get em.

Enviorments are gonna be partially destructible not like on BC or red faction.

DevilsJoker3158d ago

Loved COD4, infact in a few months when i move back to Uni its going to be the House FPS shooter, untill THIS badboy comes out, when is this released again?

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