1UP: Alan Wake Developer Interview

1UP writes: "Back during E3, I cited Alan Wake as my favorite game shown at the Microsoft press conference, almost entirely because of its atmosphere. I loved the lighting, the fire effects, and the way the world fell apart in front of the player. But I was the first to admit I didn't know much beyond the surface level concept of an author in a horror game in the "Pacific Northwest" (also known as Ray Barnholt country) whose nightmares may or may not be coming true.

So I tracked down developer Remedy's managing director, Matias Myllyrinne, and head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, to get more specific about the game's structure and features that weren't shown in the E3 demo".

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xztence3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

1UP: I've heard some people compare the game to Alone in the Dark, and the episodic structure ties into that as well. Do you worry about or embrace that comparison?

"MM: We really... we don't really look at other games that much for our source of inspiration. I think we borrow from other forms of popular culture. We look at films, music, books... so a TV series works out well. Twin Peaks has been a favorite. So if you look at the location you can see that kind of quaint, small town with deep, dark secrets underneath. Or even the Gilmore Girls. I mean, it's a very different kind of story -- but the location is similar -- so we pull from other forms of entertainment. And clearly a writer whose work is coming true is a classic as well."

Again. Alan in the Dark confirmed. enjoy your horror soap opera season 1.
then enjoy waiting 3 years for season 2.