PGNx: Wii Sports Resort Review

PGNx writes: "Even though Nintendo didn't hit 12/12 I'd say that four of the games (Swordplay, Archery, Table Tennis and Power Cruising) are amazing, must-play experiences, another four (Basketball, Canoeing, Air Sports and Wake Boarding) are fantastic, and the rest (excluding Cycling) are worth a few play throughs. The only negative aspect about the game is that unless you pick up Tiger Woods 2010 you're looking at the $70 purchase to pick up Wii Sports Resort (which includes a Wii MotionPlus peripheral) and an additional WMP unit. Multiplayer is definitely the best way to play the game, which means that the total purchase price could go up to $110 to get four fully equipped Wii Remotes. However, the peripheral is definitely worth the price of admission given how great the early WMP games have been. There's a ton of potential with the device".

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