Honest Gamers: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

Honest Gamers writes: "In the end, the secrets of Lospass Island abruptly mushroom into an outrageous, overblown conspiracy. As the climax approaches, the game pulls in characters from a previous Suda51 effort, The Silver Jiken (The Silver Case), which hasn't seen release outside of Japan (yet). Even if I were familiar with these reappearing players, the transition isn't a smooth one. There's no bright (or faint) line connecting Sumio's actions throughout the game, the random cast members, and this ramshackle conclusion. I'm sure some will be captivated by Suda51's abstract brand of genius, but you only get so many points for being different. Flower, Sun, and Rain can sell inspiration all it wants. With a combination of disengaging story and gameplay, it merely infected me with apathy".

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