How XBLA and PSN Can Mean Big Bucks for Small Developers

"When EA and Dice released Battlefield: 1943 a few weeks ago, many people were looking forward to the title. The game was very simple, but very similar to Battlefield: Bad Company, so many people knew the controls and how the game worked. As simple as the game was, many found it very fun and played it for a few days straight with some Killzone 2 and Midnight Club: LA mixed in for good measure. What everyone wasn't prepared for was how many copies of this game would actually be sold."

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kissmeimgreek3344d ago

i thought small developers barely made a profit on this stuff. couldve sworn i read that the guy who made braid was barely making profit after development costs. someone correct me if im wrong please.

ChozenWoan3344d ago

One of the reasons Braid is considered a hugh success is due to it being so profitable... how much so you will simply have to read the article.

ud3344d ago

Yeah I remember him saying that he made a bit of profits, it didn't seem like it was such a success but WOW!