Revisited: Mass Effect's 'Bring Down the Sky' DLC

Destructoid writes:

"A colossal asteroid punches through the inky black, hurtling towards a thriving human colony. Millions will be eviscerated by the impact, countless others by choking on their ashes. An entire planet will wither from the upcoming catastrophe, unless the first human Spectre decides to ignore an intergalactic threat and take on the task of stopping Asteroid X57's deadly descent. This is the slippery slope of a hero.

"Bring Down the Sky" is the first and only downloadable content for Mass Effect. It was released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on March 10, 2008. Its story components read like fiction bred from a Hollywood scriptwriter. That may not have been the goal, but at least one BioWare technical director agrees with me."

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Speaking of Mass Effect DLC... *glares at Bioware's twitter*