Second Major Update for White Knight Chronicles: 2nd Wave

In addition to the sequel, Level 5 and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment announced a second major update for the original White Knight Chronicles. Titled 2nd Wave, this new update will allow the player to freely create a world complete with NPCs and fields for him or herself. 2nd Wave will also introduce new parts/items that can be purchased. This new offer is geared towards players who would like to create a unique-looking character. Those who want to change the appearance of their existing avatar will be able to do so at a charge in the near future as well. Furthermore, the developers are working on increasing the number of accessories and improving the skill balance.

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saint_john_paul_ii3344d ago

its a damn shame that this game is delayed till next spring. the online mode looks very fun. cant wait to play it.

Chapulin3343d ago

I wish I was not really.

Dragun6193343d ago

Well, I was hoping to see that they implemented Voice chat in the Second Wave of Updates but it seems they are still working on it.

It may be the reason why it got Delayed, Because Sony and Level 5 understand Voice Chat is necessary for the Online mode. Anyway, I tried it out at Comic Con and I enjoyed it, Can't wait to get to it next year along with FFXII (Which I hope there not Released the Same month).

Forbidden_Darkness3343d ago

WOW, the games not even out in the US yet and its already getting some amazing new features

kurochi3343d ago

while I agree with your assessment of this game, I just want to point out your egocentric view of somehow this game has to be out in the US first before it can have a significant update......
It just cracks me up on American's (me included) self-touting importance of one-self.............

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3343d ago

He was just saying that he's surprised that there is a major update before it hits NA and EU, in other words, he was just saying this update was quick.

r2kcipher3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Or he meant yays the U.S. and E.U. release will be awesome. If they keep adding to the Japanese version like this....

Or maybe we can wait/hope for his commentary on his comment. So we may know the truth behind his words...

aaronisbla3343d ago

He was just saying that its getting amazing updates but its not out here yet. I didnt read some ego coming from his words. Sounded more like he wishes he could play it already since its getting some cool updates. Whats up with the rant?

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Vagrant_13343d ago

Just release the game in the Us/Eu already

interrergator3343d ago

"This new offer is geared towards players who would like to create a unique looking character". o man cant wait for this bad boy

Immortal Kaim3343d ago

Horray!!! Now release the damn game already.