'iPhone is Much More Powerful than Wii', says TellTale Programmer

The Wii isn't the most powerful piece of hardware out there. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are more powerful, but Nintendo's machine is still putting up a fight. Now Telltale Games has come into the picture and trashed the Wii's horsepower because of some complaints that the Wii version of Monkey Island has some framerate problems.

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jack who3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

*grab's a popcorn*

iPhone 3G S specs 256MB of RAM and a 600MHz CPU.

wii specs 88 MB of RAM and 729 MHz CPU.

Sibs3274d ago

Wow, never knew the Wii was that bad...

PotNoodle3274d ago

The CPU in the 3G S is apparently capable of around 800MHZ too, but is capped by apple.

user39158003274d ago

My wrist casio watch has more power than the wii.

My alarm clock has more power than the wii.

Hell my dead uncle jimmy sausage has more power than the wii.

My empty cardboard box has more power than the wii.

ChickeyCantor3274d ago

Ram doesn't really matter if your Resources are taking over big amounts of ram.

Wii is designed for gaming purposes, apparently the 88mb is enough for games. No 3D IPhone game comes close to any high production on the Wii.

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qface643274d ago

i dunno about that
wii is underpowered but i wouldn't go that far right??

most iphone games don't even look anything close to some psp games if you ask me

G3TDOWN3274d ago

In term of USE: yes iphone is more powerful

In term of Games and Graphics: FAIL !!!!

Tony999Montana3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )


The fact that most PSP games look better is not necessarily because of power. PSP has a lot of big dev teams working on it like EA and rockstar who have a larger budget then any of the iphone teams at the moment and a lot longer to produce their games. Also consider that most iphone games are relatively small in size to accommodate for the iphone's lack of memory to spare and people who are too impatient to download larger games. PSP has been working with a standardized memory capacity, the UMD which is 1.4GB (?, correct me if that's incorrect).

Some devs have previously stated in interviews that if people were willing to download large games then they would be able to produces something amazing on iPhone.

Elimin83274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I don't know if to be impressed at the iphone "if" true or feel "insulted" bad for nintendo. anywhores, the iphone isn't for gaming unless you don't use it specifically for phone use. If you do use it for gaming then I hope you carry around a spear battery pack or charger.

IdleLeeSiuLung3274d ago

It doesn't seem completely implausible considering computing power has doubled every 18 months. Seeing how the consensus is the Wii is a slightly upgraded GameCube processing power wise, it isn't impossible that the latest iPhone has a more powerful processor.

Another thing is the resolution on the iPhone is considerably lower so, it could be more powerful relative to processing power per pixel....

SinnedNogara3274d ago

Here is this:

The Wii is as powerful at least an Xbox.

Leafs1173274d ago

oh crap, the blog says the wii is more powerful than the first xbox! It must be true!

FamilyGuy3274d ago

Having more ram doesn't make it "more powerful"

I wish we really could see what the iphone is capable of but because it's not truly a gaming platform it's likely that there will never be a company who decides on throwing a big budget game on it. They make small, cheap games because those sell best on cell phones. Impulse buys. If a great looking iphone game came out but at the cost of a psp game casual gaming consumers would be very hesitant to pick it up. Then again, the "first" game to do it would get tremendous attention and it would probably sell well based on curiosity alone.

Arthur_3274d ago

You're all fools if you doubt the power of the IPHONE.
I have taken it upon myself to make a list of things that it outpowers:
The Wii
The 360
The PS3
David Hasselhoff
Nuclear Power Plants
1969 Cheverolet Camaro
Optimus Prime
Family Guy
The Cleveland Brown Show(and its not even out yet)
The Big Spinning Wheel on The Price Is Right
Roybertito's Carne Asada Milk
The American Economy
North Korea's Ego
WoW's China Servers
The Jonas Brothers Fanclub

Need I say more Gentleman?

I didn't think so.

NeoCloud3273d ago

Are they Serious?? Give me a iphone game that looks as good as MarioGalaxy,Metriod,Zelda or Even PSP games like Tekken,GodofWar,CrisisCore then i will believe it.

N4g_null3273d ago

If you believe what the dev says then you need to read between the lines.... the programmer does not understand Wii graphics programming very well. Most people can write a flash graphic's engine since they njust need to peace some code together which is sort of like making stuff for the Iphone... there are a lot of apps that prove flash like features for game design.

What is true is a bad programmer can shine on a more powerful system when it has plenty of ram... The problem is slow down... it looks like some one does not understand memory management on the Wii. When they say 88 megs then they mean 88 megs of ram. It does not help that they basically ported the game to the wii when obviously they needed more ram to run their shoddy code.

Let me know when the iphone has a factor 5 game on it. Also let me know when Iphone games have normal mapping and online play.

DevastationEve3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You're so wrong man...nothing overpowers the Jonas Fanclub, sorry.

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iamtehpwn3274d ago

Everything else I'm not sure about it.

G3TDOWN3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

games look better on my PS3 than my computer, my computer has 1GB rams

like a geforce 9 with 256 > geforce 8 with 512 ram

STK0263274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

PS3 uses like 74mb of it's ram for it's OS, chances are that your computer uses much more than that (for it's OS and all the programs runnning in the background). Also, console games are optimized for the specific console, while PC games have to run on a wide variety of system. Also, your PS3 might have a better CPU and a better GPU than your computer.

RAM has alot of importance.

Also, saying a GeForce9 with 256mb is better than a GeForce8 with 512mb isn't always true. There are alot of things to take in account before saying which card is the better card.

somekindofmike3274d ago


Apples & Oranges! you can't compare specs of a PC to specs of a console for the reasons stated above.

I'd would definitely bet that the iPhone OS is more heavy duty than the wii OS, purely because it does a lot more. so therefore that extra RAM over the wii might just be there to help run the OS + applications more smoothly, and not specifically for gaming purposes.

That is just a guess though.

jag_stilvecchio3274d ago

But aside from some neat games like Galcon everything on my iPhone controls for crap. I do love it for Soduku may a little Labyrinth, the occasional Bejewled game. But real games aren't on phones, imo.

Kyur4ThePain3274d ago

My universal remote is probably more powerful than the Wii.
Meh, who knows? Who cares?

TheTwelve3274d ago

It's sad that the Wii is even being compared to the Iphone.


Jhun3274d ago

People who would play a Wii couldn't care less.