Devil May Cry 4 Hands-on Preview

When you finally sit down in front of Devil May Cry 4, is "look really pretty." Across the net, gamers have already complained that DMC4, based on the video we posted on Monday, is more of the same and doesn't even look that good. These people are wrong. Of course Devil May Cry 4 is built on the blocks that powered the last few games - in particular DMC3: Special Edition. But to dismiss it as more of the same is an oversimplification.

This is a game made by a man who cut his teeth on fighting games, and combat is the number one priority here. Throwing an enemy up into the air, slashing it with a sword, following that with a few quick shots and yanking and slamming it back into the ground is extremely addictive. The Devil Bringer is fully integrated - essential - to the combat, and is the key to what makes DMC4 feel fresh.

The graphics, of course, are packed with detail and flash. Gameradars complaint: the demo they played was piecemeal and clearly forged from disconnected areas of the game, so they just couldn't figure out if the intense pace of the demo will translate to the final game.

But right now, what they played was beautifully speedy and responsive. It was tough - but the kind of challenge you want to return to.

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timmyp534129d ago

does DMC 3 story/ gameplay improve in quality.. because im comptemplating on if i should get this game or not 4 my ps3....?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4129d ago

there more to them??? Is it ( DMC ) in the same league as Ninja Gaiden???

silent ninja4129d ago

yes their are in the same league