Microsoft hit with new Xbox 360 suit

Microsoft is back in court defending its oft-maligned Xbox 360 hardware. An Oak Forest, Illinois, man filed suit against Microsoft in the Northern District of Illinois - Eastern Division earlier this month, saying the console maker has been unjustly enriching itself by selling Xbox 360 systems that it knows contain a material design defect.

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aftrdark213340d ago

This could get ugly fast...

NewZealander3340d ago

i have a launch console and a new one made this year, the launch one was loud and got kinda hot sometimes, compared to my new one that is way quieter and barely breaks a sweat, its way cooler so as much as MS have their issues they must have done something to fix the problem.

my launch one only red ringed because i forced it to, and it wasnt an easy job either, i wanted the updated parts so it would be cool and quiet like the new one.

guess im one of the lucky few that haven't had any problems, unfortunately MS arnt going to be able to fully fix the reputation of the 360, there's always going to be story's like this, maybe next time they will spend a little extra and put out a quality product right from the start.

meepmoopmeep3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

must be nice to live in the US and get rich off other people by suing them.

chrisnick3340d ago Show
BWS19823340d ago

from Oak Forest IL, and I can say that I chose my PS3 for several reasons, including reliability, I'm an informed consumer on all fronts, and I also can't stand the lawsuit fever that goes on at times, so.... we're not all like that.

This guy may be trying to make a quick buck, the console costs a couple hundred, but he's probably hoping MS will hush him by settling out of court for much more than the cost of the console. I don't know if that'll really happen, but it's quite lame.

GiantEnemyCrab3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"they know how americans are, and capitlized off their ignorance. "

As an American I take offense to that. You blanket all americans as ignorant?

You sound like nothing more than a bigot.


jib3340d ago

chrisnick, im sure they're all bigots like you where you live


lowcarb3340d ago

People buy Xbox 360 because they like it and that's it. You can't fault people because of MS deceptive ways. I could careless what you say about us over here because obviously your not thankful your not speaking german right now.

edit back on topic: If MS would repair all consoles for free since they know 360 has issues I would be semi ok. Charging people for 2 red lights and ending a warranty for a defective console is just wrong. If they get sued I hope it's enough to where they truly learn a lesson.

FamilyGuy3340d ago

Someone needs to sue selflessly to set a true example. By this I mean that they should sue for every owner instead of trying to get rich quick. Sue in a way that forces M$ to have a life time warranty (at least 5 years since it's a gaming console) on the defective models AND force them to halt production until they have a model completely void of the main defect(s) that cause the RROD and E74.

I know M$ has been trying and have come a LONG way from the shabby product they first released but there should be more insurance beyond a 3 year warranty for a product that they, and everybody else, knows to be defective. They have NEVER stated that they fixed the problem, just that they've made strives towards fixing it. It still exist, the percentage was just decreased significantly because of multiple expected and appreciated hardware revisions.

Too bad no one is willing to spend the money involved in suing them simply to help the masses.

ultimolu3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Lol, exactly chrisnick. Something breaks this many times and yet people keep buying it instead of saying 'enough is enough' already.

I don't agree with the bigots comment though. :/

oldskoolgamer3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

some of what you said makes sense but all Americans aren't like that, i personally consider myself a knowledgeable consumer and will not continue to buy something that is known for breaking. don't blanket stereo type people like that.

ShabzS3340d ago

... i love my 360 but microsoft needs to pay for what they did this gen ... so that this sh*t doesnt happen next gen from them or any other company... fix your consoles before you ship them...

the jasper units are pretty much rrod proof but then the e 74 says hi ...

InFAMOUS13340d ago

You know I have to say, that what you said was quite ignorant. I'm not American, but when you make comments like that one you are going to see some hate. Americans have been empowered with money for the last 50 or so years, up until a couple years ago.
In American it is very 'patriotic' to spend! spend! spend!. This is why people were buying 300k homes but could not afford 100k homes, or would buy multiple cars when they could only afford 1 used one. Buying big, buying lots, buying expensive has been a way of life for America for many years. Does that make them arrogant? I think not. I think it makes them a little dramatic in lifestyle, but not arrogant. If any one is to blame, blame the banks that gave them the loans!

ON TOPIC: As much as I think MS hardware is NOT reliable, I know that since their launch console they have come leaps and bounds in creating a more stable unit. A company can not make 30 millions consoles and WANT to replace 50% of them or even more. So for this guy to be saying that they knew about the defective parts, and kept making 360s is PURE RAtardedness.

meepmoopmeep3340d ago

if i lived in the US i would sue Microsoft too


Arthur_3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

No it wont...
This happens all the time. Unless that defect cause you bodily harm in some way, you might as well forget about it, because there is a warranty on the product for 3 years.The failure rate isnt large enough for a gov. mandatory RECALL, so please dont think that production will be stopped by this moron. :)

@chrisnick: its ok to be jealous of americans. but keep it to yourself. :)

Spydiggity3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"An Oak Forest, Illinois, man filed suit against Microsoft in the Northern District of Illinois in hopes of getting rich for doing jack all."
If there's one thing i hate almost as much as corporations taking advantage of's individuals trying to eek off the success of a corporation by suing and praying for an easy buck.

@guy below me...that's not irony. that's coincidence.

Veneno3340d ago

My 360 JUST red ringed today. I'm so damned pissed!!

chrisnick3340d ago

im from here (america) by the way, b4 u guys assume that im not.

Tjtroublemaker3340d ago

Ok why cant they just throw the guy in jail who sold the red ringed 360s, give the complainers one of the upgraded ones and make everyone happy? dont get mad at the company, yeah they could have prevented the 360s from having the problem but its not like they knew somethin like the RROD will happen over a long period of time. I personally have had no problems with mine, and wouldnt trade the experience and friends ive made on there for anything. But hey opinions are opinions. I got to hand one thing to the ps3 though, that flower game it has on there is pretty good. Flying flower petals defeating the forces of darkness...awesome. lol

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kalebgray923340d ago

the reason i gave up my 360 was the same reason like ima pay 100 bucks to fix something that shouldn't have failed on my twice before... now im happy with my ps3 error free... luckily i fixed the 360 but since i opened the case i cant get a warranty on it....

so i have a ps3 and 360 one problem ... no good 360 games this year lol

aftrdark213340d ago

After my 360 red ringed on me.I haven't trusted it either. I only have like 5 games for my 360 vs almost 20 for my PS3. As for my gaming tastes, there isn't anything coming out for the 360 I want this year. Any multiplats I always get for my PS3.

Any day I'm expecting my 360 to die again. It's been quite loud lately.

Kushan3340d ago

It's FREE to get the 360 fixed, for up to 3 years. Why did you open the case? that was a silly thing to do and NO electronics manufacturer is going to honour a warranty if you do that. If you opened the case of your PS3 and it died 2 weeks after you bought it, Sony wouldn't fix it for free, either. That part was your fault.

BWS19823340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

anything else is on your dollar to have repaired, so it's not really qualifying for a blanket statement of "it's free to get it fixed"...but the rest I agree with Kushan. But then again, what happened to a lifelong purchase. A family member passed late last year and we found her Atari 2600 in fine working's like MS is leasing 360's for 3 years if you want to be cynical about it....

HammockGames3340d ago

I do the same thing (get multiplats for the PS3) so that my 360 doesn't get as much wear and tear. Usually the differences in multiplats just aren't significant enough to mandate a purchase for one platform or the other, so I go for the platform I've had the best experience with.

On that note, I've had a bit of a mixed bag with hardware from both Microsoft and Sony this generation. My 360 ringed out on me once, and I've gone through one Blu-Ray diode on my 60 gb launch PS3 (replaced it myself with a $70 OEM part off e-bay). I put in several hundred hours of gaming into the PS3 before it died (maybe over a thousand) compared to maybe 100 hours or less before my 360 did.

kalebgray923340d ago

lol i wouldnt have opened it but the microsoft representative told me my warranty was up.... the 3rd time it was rrod or e74 (the first 2 times it was rrod).... im not an idiot so instead of being an idiot and paying the 100 dollars i fixed it myself

so your the sill one lol

jib3340d ago

"luckily i fixed the 360 but since i opened the case i cant get a warranty on it"

why mention voiding your warranty opening it when you're warranty is up anyway. your story's full of holes

Kleptic3340d ago

electronics break...simple as that...especially considering how complex the 360 and PS3 are internal...

the thing with the 360 is that MS actually admitted that they knew of a large scaled production problem...the RRoD was a 'moving target' at one point, meaning tons of different things were causing it...but MS admitted that the main culprit for certain models was the use of a less expensive solder for the GPU...and overall poor cooling through the system...the solder would overheat and crack, allowing the GPU and motherboard to warp out of over...

it was a simple mistake more or less...but has made a big deal in the other way around it, the 360 is simply a ghetto console in terms of build see people saying its not, but its just denial...that doesn't make it better or worse than other consoles, as its still a very powerful machine...but its junk in terms of reliability, and always will be...if you know that going into buying one, no problem...the issue is that millions of people DO NOT know that...and probably wouldn't buy one if they knew these straight facts up front...

its exactly why I do not own one...and I am an American by the way...

BWS19823339d ago

Anyone care to guess...??

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NaiNaiNai3340d ago

wonder when someones going to sue sony for doing the same thing. 1 failed system is still a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Greywulf3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

All hardware has normal failure rates (like Sony/HP/Apple). 1 failure can't be cause for a lawsuit.

In Microsofts defense, this is another exclusive for them. The first console manufacturer to go backwards in reliability. My Xbox1 still works.

Nitrowolf23340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

@greywulf my original xbox works as well

i have a question for ps3 owners whats the temp in your rooms? mine broke but i think it was do to how hot my room was, usually wen i go to my friends house they got their AC amped high and my ps3 does not hum
just hit me with a PM

NaiNaiNai3340d ago

really, because theres a suit against sony for a ban. XD you think it will be long before people start to sew sony as well. XD such pathetic people.

The_Beast3340d ago

..... every hardware has a failure you idoit

NotSoSilentBob3340d ago

That lawsuit is because that person was verbally abusive to the players in the game. That is not about hardware. If you read the EULA agreement they can ban you for anything offensive. You can say across your mic "You suck loser" and you can get banished for it.

RockmanII73340d ago

@3.1 - Well my PS2 broke and my PS1 didn't. I do think it's funny because my 360 RRoD'd me, my PS2 froze on any game released in it's last 4 years after 10 minutes, and my N64/Genesis still work fine.

cayal3340d ago

"really, because theres a suit against sony for a ban. XD you think it will be long before people start to sew sony as well. XD such pathetic people."

The only pathetic thing is your English skills.

Sew? People are going to sew Sony? Are you for real?

Not only are you a pathetic fanboy, you're also illiterate. Perhaps if you read a book once in a while you'd make some sense.

NaiNaiNai3340d ago

So because you know that you were wrong about the fact that sony should be sued as well as Microshaft as you say. If I recall not to long ago Sonys ps2 system had a massive fail rate...15+ versions of a system and it still has failing issues. If anyone should be sued its sony. Is that any better. sad how you had to attack my English when you are loosing the battle.

Kushan3340d ago

First to go backwards in reliability? What about the Dreamcast? They die all the time (although it's an easy fix, blow off some dust from inside it). And the PS2? Those launch models sure as hell had a habit of dying, particularly the DVD drive's laser.

I'm not saying the 360's unreliability is to be expected, or that it's somehow justified, I'm just saying your little rant is stupid.

GiantEnemyCrab3340d ago

After going thru 2 PS2's myself I can say the PS2 was a POS and Sony's "get bent" attitude when you demanded them to fix it was lame.

I've still had more reliably with my MS consoles than I ever had with Sony but MS is closing the gap.

cayal3340d ago

"So because you know that you were wrong about the fact that sony should be sued as well as Microshaft as you say. If I recall not to long ago Sonys ps2 system had a massive fail rate...15+ versions of a system and it still has failing issues. If anyone should be sued its sony. Is that any better. sad how you had to attack my English when you are loosing the battle."

I never said any of that.

Comprehension much?

Losing what battle?

Kleptic3340d ago

people keep bringing up the PS2 in defense of the 360...the PS2 failure rate, if you are speaking of the DVD drive going bad or whatever WAS localised, and fixed, relatively quickly...there was a lawsuit filed against sony for it because of the way they handled it...but you can't compare it to the ongoing RRoD mess and keep a straight face...brand new Xbox 360's with the brand new falcon whatever STILL pop regularly...there are pictures of 360's RRoD'ing in kiosks at gaming conventions just weeks ago...

no console breaks like a 360...the PS2 had some problems early on, but it was related to a fixed number of drives supplied to them...and was remedied...they got in trouble for not going public about it though...not because 3 years later the thing had a higher chance of crapping out than lasting more than 3 years...

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xztence3340d ago

seeing almost everyone owning a 3fixme got one.
Look out bots cuz the rrod will always be there inside your console,
one wrong move and its GAME OVER indeed. :P

Gue13340d ago

Not everybody know their rights. Microsoft would be in bankrupt if what I said was wrong. =D

IdleLeeSiuLung3340d ago

I wonder how all these lawsuit ends up in the end. I rarely hear about the result, just the lawsuit itself.

Narutone663340d ago

might have settled out of court.

Kushan3340d ago

Put it this way, if Microsoft lost one of these cases, they'd have to make it up to EVERYONE, not just the guy suing them.