Nintendo Wii Singapore Launch & Pricing Details

The Nintendo Wii console alone is priced at S$499 /w GST (Goods Service Tax).
GameAxis was also informed that the console will still remain at S$499 (GST included) come this July, when the GST is increased from 5% to 7%. (Update: The Wii will be sold as a bundle at retail, which comes with one game and one additional Wiimote controller for S$649)

The Wii will come included with Wii Sports.
It'll come with an officially approved 220v adapter.
Wii titles will be priced at S$79.90 (/w GST), or there and about.
The Wiimote controller will be priced at S$69.90 (/w GST)
The Nunchuck attachment controller will be priced at S$39.90 (/w GST)
The Wii Classic controller will be priced at S$39.90 (/w GST)
All prices above are Standard Retail Pricing (SRP).
The Wii will be launched this week.

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Odiah4246d ago

And to think I cried about the UK launch being like week after the Japan one.

ChickeyCantor4246d ago

well congrats singapore......
and some of my friends are still w8ting for their Nwii's - _ -

ITR4246d ago

Well it looks like South Korea won't get one until this Fall!

Now thats a long wait.

I feel a sales bump coming on.