Nintendo Life: Night Game Interview

Way back in November last year Nintendo Life interviewed Nicalis about Cave Story, a game which is being anticipated with as much excitement as 2D Boy's World of Goo by indie fans. There is no question that Nicalis are set to impress with their overhaul of the classic freeware game by Daisuke Amaya. A refreshing amount of care and attention has been taken to ensure that the final product will be polished to perfection.

With this in mind Nintendo Life was intrigued to hear about Nicalis' plans to bring a mysterious title simply called Night Game to WiiWare, which is an intriguing puzzler centred around the exploits of a lone ball. To find out more they caught up with Tyrone Rodriguez the head honcho over at Nicalis and his partner in crime Nicklas Nygren who is developing the bulk of the game.

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