Is Activision Promoting DJ Hero Towards Women?

Slashgamer Writes: "DJ Hero isn't getting the best response by gamers around the world, but I'm excited for it. Today, the company has just released the official box art for the game and I'm not sure what people will think about it. I know girls are more into gaming then ever before, but seriously Activision, this box is a tad too 'girly,' for my taste."

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Salvadore3341d ago

I think the box art represent that urban culture associated with the title. Although Guitar Hero is somewhat mainstream, Activision-MilkMan is trying to appeal to those who were not satisfied with the music selection in Guitar Hero.

MonkeyMan3341d ago

it's like they did quick search for images of "DJ" and just stacked everything they found onto the cover.

penguinhunter3341d ago

I hope the games good, but I'm not holding my breath!