GameDaily: Left 4 Dead 2 Preview

GameDaily writes: "Yet the controversy with Left 4 Dead fans about whether Valve will offer more DLC, if Left 4 Dead 2 might be the full-priced version of that DLC, or if the developer will simply wait it out to see if players will migrate to Left 4 Dead 2. So far, zombie-killing fans looking for more chaotic scenes from their worst nightmares, Left 4 Dead 2 may be hard to pass up the when it arrives on November 11, 2009".

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clixx333304d ago

I'm sorry but the Spitter looks ugly as hell. If this was their plan, they succeeded! I would love a Zoey Special Infected spitting on me. :P

DizzyDino3304d ago

im not getting it its an expansion just like odst 4 the full price i guess i have 2 wait till 2010 2 get a real 360 game (mass effect 2 S C C and Alan Wake)

jdktech20103303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I'll be thinning out the zombie horde come november through 5 campaigns (same amount as 1st one), 3 new special infected (Charger, Spitter, unknown), several types of new "special" common infected (like fire immune, mudmen, etc.), a new game mode not announced yet, new melee weapons, several new ranged weapons and new ammo types

You keep thinking that's all gonna fit in downloadable content and isn't worth more money......please explain to me how it's not.

Oh, and before you say it....Valve already said they will still support L4D1 even when L4D2 is out

3303d ago