Top 5 Video Game Sex Scenes That Snuck Past Censors

Aggro Gamer writes, "Games are pushing the envelope in terms of censorship. The past few years have seen games with nudity popping out left and right. The Top 5 sex scenes are presented here. Those squeamish at the sight of bare skin should cover your puritan eyes. Exit this page immediately. You've been warned."

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swingingape3342d ago

The alien chick in mass effect was hottt

GameForFame3341d ago

Consider that Max Payne 2 one a "sex scene"

Hardly, get it? Hardly.

tinman_licks3341d ago

My problem is not with sex scenes in games, it's when they do censor games like The Witcher and Indigo Prophecy. The European versions had the full uncensored sex scenes. Why get in the way of the creator's original vision? More importantly, why can't Americans get over themselves? Sex is not a bad thing. Violence is way worse and there's hardly any censorship for that.

Elven63341d ago

I find it funny how you tell Americans to get over Sex in media and then tell them how bad violence is. :p

In North America sex is censored, in Europe violence is, flaws are flaws and in both scenarios a developers vision can be hindered. Remember, violence just like sex can be used correctly in a story.

IdleLeeSiuLung3341d ago

Both sex and violence is as natural to humans as it gets.

SuicidalTendencies3341d ago

Violence and sex are both part of human nature. Neither one should be censored but should be kept away from children. They should enforce the rating more and educate parents better about them.

IdleLeeSiuLung3341d ago

Children shouldn't be shielded from it, but rather educated about it at the proper age of course.

By the way, I just saw your comment and it is identical to mine. Of course you were almost a day ahead of me.

RockmanII73341d ago


stewie328873341d ago

Ah, Fear Effect.... gotta love it.

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