Call of Duty 5 Map Pack 3 Trailer Der Riese Zombies

Activision and Treyarch have released the Der Riese Zombies Trailer which features zombies dogs.

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Sniper4303337d ago

Although I lose with these map packs (I only use the Nazi zombie maps) the bouncing Bettie wall and butcher knife look awesome!

Blaze9293337d ago

in just a few months, no one will be playing your game anymore. Feeling the pressure to milk and dime before you're times up?

XxSpiiKeZxX3337d ago

i dnt think theres much pressure becuase almost every game gets stopped played...and besides once modern warfare 2 come out treyrch has been already working on next one and besides we should be grateful for WAW for bringing such fun modes like Nazi Zombies which hopeflly modern warfare adapts to it

CBaoth3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

and I thought it was bad enough having to see your idiotic fanboy rants about Sony proliferate every article. You're an IW whore too?

BTW, 2>4>MW2. They get shorter, less engaging, MP is noob friendly (auto-aim), the perks system removes skill from the leaderboards, etc..

I guess you never played SP co-op in WAW? Or zombie mode? You've never thrown a grenade back at the enemy (from COD3 ironically)? Or let me guess, you hate the fact they support a game they developed almost a year later w/ DLC? Those are just some of the contributions Trey brought to the COD series.

Daredevil3337d ago

You are so right i hate how people bash tryarch. did you know that they were orriganally half way through development of WAW but had to drop everything and use the cod4 engine and class sytem because of cod4's success. this meant they had 1 year to do everything. cod3 was the best cod i have ever played period it was really balanced and the maps were great. bubbles to CBoath

Gish3337d ago

Am I the only one that has trouble finding a game in zombie mode? I only seem to be able to connect with others if I have a friend in my party already... Don't know if i am doing something wrong.

Gish3337d ago

you are nominated as the most helpful member of the site.

agentace3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

happens to me sometimes and i know a few others it does it to, i dunno what it is, it started when i got the 2nd map pack, theres a few people it does it to if you google it, some get it really bad and some dont

Amir513337d ago

I hope those cool looking guns do more than just look different

PimplePopperMD3337d ago

There is no such thing as 'Call of Duty 5'.