The stupidest videogame currencies of all time

Destructoid writes:

"Money makes the world round, and whether you're trading in gold, bottle caps, scrap or Drebin Points, nowhere embodies that phrase more than the world of videogames. Just like in real life, you're going to need cash to get by in most interactive adventures, and whatever's in your pocket needs to have a name.

Many games are satisfied to simply have gold or dollars, but that's not enough for some titles out there. A great deal of titles, through misguided dreams of originality or just good old-fashioned arrogance, feel the need to invent their own currencies. It should come as no surprise that most of these currencies are absolutely awful.

Videogames should just stick to classic coin, and we're going to prove it. Because this is a serious problem that has legitimately made me furious, let's all take a look at the stupidest videogame currencies of all time."

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Tomarcus3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Also, there is just gil, there is no five gil or ten gil, so if you have a million gil, then that must weigh a TON. This applies for any video game currency.