The XBLive Preview: Do you have it?

Edie Sellers writes:

"But from what we've seen, many users don't know if they received the update. Here's a few tips to know whether you're set to go with the new features or whether you'll be waiting for August 11 when the update is released to all Xbox users"

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iagainsti1203272d ago

I have the update and so far its a lot faster at doing everything now from looking at ur buddy list from the guide to browsing and downloading from market place and the new netflix features are sick.

TheBrit3272d ago

That I no longer get hung up while the background stuff loads i.e how many friends online, if you have any messages waiting, the small advertising.

Now it just continues on which is very welcoming.

the netflix stuff is cool but I wish there was a way to remove the theater like screen so that it was full screen, i dont care too much about seeing my friends avatars in the theater, just watching a movie together is sufficient.

W S K3272d ago

signed up minutes after Major nelson posted it...but no luck for me...

i guess i´ll have wait another 2 weeks... -_-