'Avatar: The Game' Requires HDMI For 3D Effects

"Avatar: The Game," based on the upcoming James Cameron movie, is one of the first titles to support fancy 3D effects on specially equipped TVs. Apparently you'll need more than just the TV, though.

Let's say you're a hardcore fan of the Xbox 360, and bought one at launch. Hell, let's say you bought one a year after launch. If you've got one of the early boxes, which don't have an HDMI-out, you're SOL when it comes to playing "Avatar: The Game" in 3D. Luc Duchaine, the game's senior international brand manager, confirmed today that the game will require 1080p resolution to see the 3D effects, and the only way you can get that on a 360 is through the HDMI port.

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jack who3342d ago

looks like it really doesnt matter if you dont got the (3d) tv for it

Fishy Fingers3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

HDMI port aside you still require a "special TV" according to Ubi, which they say is available at best buy, yet dont seem to mention a brand or specifics

"Yves Guillemot: It's with glasses on a specific TV."

mario8883342d ago

Pretty sure you need a Plasma TV or a 120 HZ LCD TV.

Bnet3433342d ago

Glad this is one of those games I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

deadpoole3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

The thing is there are two kinds of 120h.

---First Type---
This type of tele is able to handle/show true 120fps.

---Second Type---
Second type of Tele which is only able to handle 60fps but can show 120hz/fps. Basically what it does, it takes 60fps image and add computer calculated extra 60 frame around so it looks smooth as silk. But in reality it is only able to handle 60fps.

I've spend $1200.00 on 1080p LCD Samsung Tele. Which is unfortunately classed as Second type. So Im not gonna shell any money on new TV till this upcoming 3D tech standardize and settles down.

Tony P3342d ago

I don't think I'll be jumping through any hoops to play a movie tie-in game.

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Vicophine3342d ago

But I thought HDMI wasn't needed...

Oh wait.

LoLerskates3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

its only if u want an optional feature and it requires a certain TV to be able to see it anyway.

ok so u have hdmi...u dont have the TV. u gonna go out and buy a TV just for an optional feature in one game? the game is still playable without hdmi, they say theres a wii version.

but meh, there are better games coming out this year than this. not even looking forward to this game. cant wait for uncharted 2, forza 3, halo odst, heavy rain and i dont need a special tv or glasses to play them

Elven63342d ago

HDMI isn't needed or 1080p, it's only needed if you want better quality 1080p video, sound, etc.

IdleLeeSiuLung3342d ago

It's not needed. 720p is not needed either and neither 480p. Need is relative.

Tomonobu Itagaki3342d ago

"Let's say you're a hardcore fan of the Xbox 360, and bought one at launch. Hell, let's say you bought one a year after launch"
Impossible to play Avatar with, 360 consoles don't last that much time.

mario8883342d ago

I pretty sure you need either a Plasma TV or a 120 HZ LCD.

Double Toasted3342d ago

My component cables displays 1080p...the ones with the Hi-def switch on them...who knows what I'm talking about?

mrv3213342d ago

I think HDMi allows for a developer to output more data. Now I think this tech works because it infact shows 2 images within a fraction of a second, the eye can't see both images together but it will allow special glasses to do so. Or something similar. HDMi allows to output these two images.

Again just a guess.

cyborg69713342d ago

What's bull component can't carry the info. End of story.

UltimateIdiot9113342d ago

The biggest difference is that even though the 360 can output 1080p many displays do not allow component to display 1080p. The reason being is HDCP. Also, because of HDCP, many time it can end up locking your video at 720p.

So as better HDTV are coming out like those that can display 3d, the need for HDMI increases. Better start saving up for an arcade.

Double Toasted3342d ago

have an HDMI port, so I'm not concerned. The guy does say the HDMI port is needed, but I'm still skeptical because my component cables are better than some of the HDMI cables floating around. Put it this way, you'll have to spend a little more on HDMI cables for the 360 because those cheap ones won't output 1080p on the 360. Funny though, the cheap cables that I bought off of amazon for a couple of dollars displays games on my PS3 in 1080p, but not on my 360.

Anon19743342d ago

And I've got a brand new, 1080p projector. No problem doing 1080p with HDMI cables from my PS3, but I just lose the signal whenever my 360 tries to do 1080p over component. Microsoft was no help either. Kinda sucks, but then there's not much out there for 1080p for the 360 anyway. Almost all 1080p games on the 360 are native 720p and are just upscaled.

I'm assuming this game is coming out for the PS3 as well if there's a Wii version in the works. I guess I'll just get it on the console that supports it. If I get it at all. Games based on movies don't exactly have the best track record.
By the way, anyone know if you have to have just 1080p, or if it has to be 1080p and 120 HZ for this to work?

mynd3342d ago

My 9 month old Samsung LCD handles 1080p over componant just fine.

However I doubt it will handle 3d.

Wouldnt it have been better to say that 3d TV's require HDMI for 3d.

It's not like my standard 2d TV is going to be misisng out.

On a side note, if I could afford a 3d capable TV, I'm pretty sure I could buy myself another Xbox.

3342d ago
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