Kotaku: PSP Preview


"I wielded a PSPGo again yesterday and, I must confess, only will power, professionalism, and the fear of the Pottery Barn rule kept me from tossing the machine in the air."

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Salvadore3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

With titles such as GT Mobile, Peace Walker and the huge line of 3rd party titles, I'm in the interest of purchasing a PSP. The PSP Go would be an ideal choice for me, but due to the price, I cannot afford one. Yes, the 3000 is still available at a cheaper price, but I like the sleeker design and emphasis on digital distribution.

meepmoopmeep3278d ago

my main problem is with my current UMD's

i like t he new look, size and all though, it's cool this site pointed out the weight, wow, sounds super light.
but yeah, until i can get my current games onto it i dunno.

and at $250 is pretty pricey, though even an iPod Touch costs the same for 16GB

phalanx_mark3278d ago

sony is planning a goodwill program where they let you download titles that you have already bought on umd for free, they avent released any details on that yet though.

NaiNaiNai3278d ago

thats gona be fun to prove you bought the game though.

dagreatest413278d ago

That should be too hard. I mean all you have to do is send them your copy and they'll give you an access code you can use to download that game from PSN. It might take a while but it's definitely doable.

FamilyGuy3278d ago

This interest me. What if games release on the store before on disc? I see it likely only because of the time consumption involved with manufacturing as opposed to simply setting up the download on the PSN severs. Games could feasibly come out 4 to 6 weeks earlier than their disc-based counter-parts if sony allows them to...

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