Wipeout HD: Fury - The Lost Gamer Review

It is good to see that within the current generation of consoles, developers have begun to actively seek to expand their original games. This, of course, is due to the introduction and capabilities of both Xbox Live and Playstation Network - yet it has to be said that whilst it is great for gamers to be able to expand their favourite games, some DLC occasionally misses the mark. Fortunately, for the Wipeout HD Fury Expansion this isn't the case.

As a huge fan of the Wipeout series, I feared that the Wipeout HD Fury expansion wouldn't live up to the mind-blowing benchmark of it's predecessor, but how wrong I was to even consider worrying in the first place…

Released last Thursday, the Fury expansion pack provides players with three new event types, twelve new tracks, thirteen new ships to whizz around with, six new music tracks and on top of that an entirely new campaign to play them all in - all for a mere £7.99! Here, I should initially mention that the content, in relation to price, is well worth the investment.

This content is further improved by patch 2.00 which could be downloaded shortly prior to the expansions release. This introduced a new statistics section, reworked ship/ track selection screens, new community functionality and listed several improvements to both the single player and online gameplay - which makes it easy to see why it's a good time to be a Wipeout fan!

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