Splinter Cell Conviction designer on delay, exclusivity, Natal ... and bowel control?


"After teasing us with the carefully scripted Splinter Cell Conviction E3 demo -- for the umpteenth time -- lead designer Steve Masters commented on the game's current status as a "March quarter" release today at Ubisoft's "Holiday Preview" event (we'll be celebrating well into 2010, you know). Masters echoed CEO Yves Guillemot in saying, "really [the delay] was just a decision to allow us to polish up and really deliver the experience that the fans are looking for."

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meepmoopmeep3343d ago

i wish it wasn't delayed but no biggie

i have tons of games to get into until Q1 2010

N4PS3G3343d ago

meh ..i wanted some splinter cell in 09..miss the series. They should have delayed Left 4 Dead 2 or something like that instead.

IdleLeeSiuLung3343d ago

This means there will be some heavy hitters in first half of 2010' for 360.

SaberEdge3343d ago

Yeah I was looking forward to this game later this year, but oh well if it makes it a better game I'm all for it. And you are right, the first part of 2010 has a ton of amazing games for the 360.

aldesko3343d ago

Yeah, I still haven't finished some games from fall '08

Applegate3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Yeah but that means too that either Mass Effect 2 or Alan Wake is going to get pushed back into summer 2010 or something.
Theres no way thyre releasing ME2, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell all before March. And I think its pretty useless, rather spread out the releases.

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Gamer_Politics3343d ago

i'll just enjoy all the other games

JD_Shadow3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

"really [the delay] was just a decision to allow us to polish up and really deliver the experience that the fans are looking for."

Really, how much more "polish" does this game NEED? You've been working on this game for a few YEARS now on what was touted as an "easier platform to develop for". And the game looked like it could've gone gold NOW! What the hell is still LEFT?

"I can't really go into the details there. All I can say is that we're really exploiting the full power of the Microsoft console here, and Microsoft has been tremendous in giving us a lot of support and really helping us to utilize the full power of the 360."

Which is taking you 3+ years to do? Yeah, right!

"I don't think that we're ever gonna go to the PS3."

Unless MS paid you more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes put together to do that, it'll go to the PS3...sooner than you think! Oh, and there's that word again: "never". A word that has a double meaning here in gamer world.

"But I can't confirm or deny it."

Actually, these delays are kind of sinking the ship of having the rumor being killed. But you keep using that NDA as an excuse to not admit the obvious.

[email protected]: "roughly eighteen months"? Is that before or after the delays? Because it feels like it's been a LOT longer. That's also an estimate, and that's really close to two years on an "easier to develop for" console. You guys would mock that long of development for a PS3 game.

And yes, I read the article...except the part about bowel movements. Not really into scat, TYVM!

IdleLeeSiuLung3343d ago

"The current (and what better be final) iteration of the fifth Splinter Cell game has been in development for roughly eighteen months, according to Masters."

Eighteen months is the lower end of needed time to push out a quality game. That means, extra time for polish is much appreciated!

TheColbertinator3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Just ignore Darkpower.He is just trying to get reactions.

Splinter Cell has been in development since 2006 and they modified the concept time and time again.They need more polish on it since it is technically the first real next gen Splinter Cell.Double Agent did not count since it also appeared on GC,Xbox and PS2.

Splinter Cell Conviction was even prematurely announced for 2007

JD_Shadow3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Saying to ignore me, right before proving my point right to me. In dev since 06! What does that tell you? Good lord.

Oh, and what is you're big problem with me, anyway? You never have anything good to say about me, and you only reply to my comments when you want to try to slam me over something. Seems like you're trying to score some attention yourself by slamming someone who's perceived as an "enemy". Seriously, did you even READ any of my site's stories that you reported?

Seriously, if you have an issue with me, then say it (through PM or whatever), but don't do this petty thing, because I KNOW you're not a troll, Steven, and I know you realize I don't post stupid sh!t like some people on this site have done and get away with. I know I'm not the most favorite person in the world to some people on this site (and I don't give a damn if I am or not), but you tracking my ass has to stop.

EDIT: By the way, I stand by my opinions on my original post (you didn't think I wasn't going to backpedal on them, were you?). I personally won't be hurt if it does or doesn't appear on the PS3, since I have a 360 that needs some attention that it hasn't gotten much of since I bought it earlier this year. It looks like an outstanding game that should be a very good buy for any 360 owner (I might rent it, but 2010 looks crowded right now, so even kick-ass games may fall off my radar unfortunately). If it comes to the PS3, it would be a very good announcement that I think would help Ubisoft's bottom line (and I don't believe the "true exclusive" line from them, unless MS had a hand in making the game besides financial backing, in this day and age in gamer world).

That and the numerous delays not only make me suspicious that an announcement COULD be coming (I remember how delayed Tekken 6 was on the PS3 before the multiplat announcement was made at last year's TGS, so that's the reason for MY suspicions with this, since this kind of mirrors the Tekken 6 issue), but a little pissed that it was delayed to begin with. Again, what the hell else could they possibly do to the game to polish it more when we've all been waiting for the game for some time?

I'm sorry if my opinions piss people off, but they're my opinions that I'm entitled to express. I don't just post them to get attention, and I never post or say anything I don't truly believe.

cody2oo3343d ago

so they are gonna go head to head with gow3?

dktxx23343d ago

Different consoles, different genre's. They won't be fighting over that many sales.

topdawg1223343d ago

Well im glad he didin't deny a ps3 version coming. That would be pretty sweet if it did. hopefully its a lot better than the fourth one though as that one wasn't that cool

Mo0eY3343d ago

I don't care to have Splinter Fail grace the glorious PS3.

I played the last two on PC and thought both were meh.

SaberEdge3343d ago

I can understand Double Agent to a degree, but Chaos Theory? I loved Chaos Theory and so did most reviewers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3343d ago

They made it clear 2 days ago it wasn't going to the PS3. But hey, keep throwing to coins in the wishing well and maybe a fairy princess will come along and sprinkle some pixie dust on your dreams :)

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