Square Enix on Star Ocean PS3 GameFly Listing

SCRAWL: "On Monday night, a listing for Star Ocean: The Last Hope was posted onto GameFly, and picked up by the internet only a few moments after. Curious to find out what's going on, we contacted Square Enix and have received a response today."

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PirateThom3345d ago

Yep, that basically confirmed it.

Kamikaze1353345d ago

I just wonder what they're adding to it. I played the 360 version, but got bored near the end, lol.

xztence3344d ago

they're working on ps3 version and get it over with, its not like this game was a big hit.

Applegate3344d ago

Now watch the very same guys who dissed the game come in flocking in here with happiness

Genesis53344d ago

I don't know why this would surprise people when the game released nowhere on the box did it say exclusive to the 360. I have been just waiting for the PS3 release date.

shocky163344d ago

It doesn't even have the "only on Xbox 360" logo on it.

Rob0g0rilla3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

If they don't fix the crappy voice acting then I probably won't even bother with it.

Blaze9293344d ago

But I thought Star Ocean: The Last Hope sucked? What's with this sudden spark of interest now?

jackdoe3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

The sudden interest, Blaze, is that there is the possibility of it not sucking with a PS3 port. You know, SE could improve on the game by fixing the story and voice acting. Alone in the Dark was unplayable on the 360 but became somewhat bearable with the PS3 version for example.

If SE fixes pacing and story issues, gets rid of the atrocious English dub, and changes the creepy as hell doll look, then the game could actually be good. But until they do that, it will remain mediocre IMO.

And if SE does not change anything for a potential PS3 port, then I would just not buy the game for the same reasons I didn't buy the 360 version. The atrocious voice acting and creepy doll look did not appeal to me.

Blaze9293344d ago

Yeah that'd be cool and all for them to do....if they actually developed the game. All Square did was publish, its all up to tri-ace.

jackdoe3344d ago

I know Tri-Ace developed the game, but SE published it (and own the IP) so it is up to them as to whether they want to publish an enhanced port. If a PS3 port becomes anything like SO3 Director's Cut, it may become worth buying.

Jaces3344d ago

I'm not happy.

Give me Lost Odyssey!

Applegate3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

You're right, Ive played both and LO is way better than SO4. But this game isn't as bad as a lot of people on N4G made it out to be simply because it was on 360.

Anyways you people have fun with the PS3 version, I don't really mind it going multiplat cuz Ive already played it.

FamilyGuy3344d ago

I don't care what the reviews or complainers say/said.

Answer me

Lelouch V Brit3344d ago

"Square Enix reps told Kotaku "We cannot comment on a PS3 release at this time." However, they went on to say that the listing on was "an error and had been taken down from their site."

deeznuts3344d ago

I have a 360 and I have not played this game yet (the enthusiasm just wasn't there when it came out). Someone tell me I need to play it (is it any good?)

cayal3344d ago

"But I thought Star Ocean: The Last Hope sucked? What's with this sudden spark of interest now?"

Not everyone who has a PS3 thinks it sucks. It is possible that those who interested in the game are posting.

Redempteur3344d ago

Well blu ray ..

with it star ocean the last hope

- will no longer have stupid disc swaps
- will have enough space to put DUAL voices
- Will have enough space to put BOTH menus .

NOw if they can
- add extras
- fix what they cut before the release because of dvds .
- new characters ?
- a versus mode like in SO3 director cut ???

And i'm not even dreaming yet ...

zoneofenders3344d ago

this game sucks so bad...
not even the complete version gonna save it.........

Alex_Mexico3344d ago

You forgot the option for us to choose whether we want CG or anime portraits during battles and menu screens.
I liked the anime ones much better than the CG ones. Hopefully on PS3 they can fix this option for us too.

Megatron083344d ago

Wow ps3 have the dumbest fanboys ever born I mean how do to these people even get through life ? Just look at the 1st few post. SE yeah it was a error and they removed it from their(gamespot) and these idiots this that some how cofirms a ps3 relaese of the game ? Did i miss something here ? Are ps3 owns not still waiting for trusty bell to be release outside of japan for the ps3 ?

Redempteur3344d ago

i said i wanted BOTH menus

that was what i meant

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Omega43345d ago

Cause it will come to the PS3, SE needs the money.

At least MS was able to move some systems in Japan thanks to the timed exclusivity. It will be interesting to see if PS3 owners start praising SO4 when it gets extra content like they did with NG2S

TheHater3345d ago

If they fix everything that was wrong with SO4, I do not see why they should praise it.

JD_Shadow3344d ago

"It will be interesting to see if PS3 owners start praising SO4 when it gets extra content like they did with NG2S "

Did they ever CONDEMN the game? They were just condemning the reasoning behind making it exclusive, not that the game was/n't crap!

iamtehpwn3344d ago

Actually, We did critize NG2 the original,
However, if you do Look at Sigma, they improved everything we critiqued about it.

mastiffchild3344d ago

Well, frankly, I'm shocked they're going to bring it over. I've played the 360 game and though it isn't nearly as bad as some reviews made it out to be it's still the poorest game in the series-of which I'm a bit of a fan, even the average third game.

I don't know if it'll find much of a market as it's likely to arrive after FF13 and a long time sfter the 360 game too. Had it been a stellar game then yes but it's prolly the weakest ever SO game and when you've got FF13, DS, WKC et al to choose from(and prolly Tales by this time as well on PS3 in the west)which have all reviewed better-then it's only gans of the series that'll be interested and most will, like me, have played the 360 version by that time-you can already get itfor £15 now if you look!

If they're to succeed then i'll have to have a major overhaul to fix the tech issues, some daft grinding, the AWFUL voice dubs and so on-AND add some extras to make u for the wait. A NGS2 style remake is the bare minimym for this game to have much hope on PS3, imo, and I feel it's a big risk without a lot of polish and additions.

Again, and I've never bashed the game, it's better even now than reviews would have you believe but it's a weak SO game whichever way you spin it. As it stands it's an enjoyable battle sytem and a few good ideas in a pretty run of the mill jrpg(with some issues to boot!).

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lloyd_wonder3345d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

What a shame. SE is back treading....

360isthebestps3sucks3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

dowgrade graphics confirmed only in ps3crap.


OmarJA3344d ago

Nothing stay exclusive on that garbage.

rhood0223344d ago

Assuming timed exclusivity--and any sane person would see that SO4 is indeed a timed exclusive--then expect to hear the official PS3 release announce at TGS.

V_Ben3344d ago

squenix is confirmed to have a prescence there after all :-)

Godmars2903344d ago

But its sure to be announced for Japan, and thus at TGS, first.

Just wish that if they do it they add some actual spaceship functionality. Like combat or exploration.

raztad3344d ago

Sorry but even if this rumor is actually true, I hope/expect SO4 be a flop. SE knew Ps3 userbase (many RPG lovers are ps3 owners) is starved of RPG goodness, but they decided to brought it exclusively to x360, giving PS3 owners the middle finger. Somehow, unexpectedly for SE and MS I guess, this turd flopped hard. Now when the rpg starving season is finally ending, who wants this game on PS3? Not interested, thanks.

Double Toasted3344d ago

...what do you consider a flop?

Godmars2903344d ago

Then what better to give them higher sales? Give them something to think about for the next time they try to pull this between stock/income reports to their shareholders.

@Double Toasted:
Think it only did 56K in Japan where I don't believe any 360 JRPG has broken 100K.

Double Toasted3344d ago

...500k in the US so again I ask, what do you consider a flop?

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JD_Shadow3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Wow...there response was "Error establishing a database connection"?

Yeah, that WOULD explain Hiroshi Wada!

(Yeah, I know it's just a site issue. So sue me.)

EDIT: Back up now.

"We cannot comment!"? Good lord, do these PR people EVER learn what "no comment" means in gamer world, and why they should stop USING that phrase? Apparently not.