Should Consoles Be Shipped With Built In Games?

Koku Gamer writes: "In the eyes of the consumer a console that is ready to play instantly is more appealing than one that isn't, research it or not it's a fact. If a consumer has the option of purchasing a console with a game already on it, or with it, they would. Not in a bundle, but as a perk that is always there. Take a look at the Wii for example. While it appeals more to the casual crowd and the Wiimote might be super fun, I believe the true genius behind the marketing of the Wii was the inclusion of Wii Sports with every console purchase. While it was a fair bit cheaper than the competition it still manages to outsell the other consoles today."

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qface643221d ago

it isn't needed really but it is a good thing if it did

have a game to show you what the console is all about
i dunno i think it would be nice

Reibooi3221d ago

It's one of those things. If you didn't have a full game thanks to the PSN or XBL market place you could have plenty of stuff to play with the countless demo's up for free download. A game isn't needed but it would be a very nice extra for those buying.

I remember for the longest time after getting a Wii teh only game I had and really at that time only game worth playing was Wii Sports and it came with the console.

NewZealander3221d ago

yeah have sonic the hedgehog built in just like the old days!

nooo not 2006 sonic the hedgehog...

OnlyOnN4G3221d ago

lol I remember my friend owned a master system and all he played was the built in game Alex the Kid

3220d ago
ThanatosDMC3220d ago

Speaking of games.

Here's the link for Demon's Souls Unofficial Soundtrack (Credited to: SilentGig)

And someone should submit this as news for Demon's Souls cuz i dont know how:

MEsoJD3220d ago

Thanks that made my day^_^

darthv723220d ago

There is built in and there is pack in. The old master system had a built in game of alex kid where you did not need a cart in the slot. You just turned it on and it was available. Similar thing with the 360 have the game hexic on the hdd. No game to insert it was just there.

Wii sports is a "pack in" game. It is a freebie on disc you need to insert to play. Like the old genesis days with altered beast or sonic as well as snes with super mario world.

I think pack in/built in freebie games are a plus to sales. People just need to be clear of the difference.

MelaDarkwood3220d ago

Sweet!! Thanks for the music Thanatos!! =)

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RedDeadLB3221d ago

I don't think that would be such a good idea.

Reibooi3221d ago

any real reason for that mindset?

Jhun3221d ago

The vast majority of Wii owners/fans are casual gamers. The genre of casual games is very broad, so even a game like Wii sports is enough to capture attention and keep the Wii market going, conversely, PS3/Xbox's are geared towards more hard core players.

Now, I'm not saying ALL Xbox/PS3 players are hardcore, but most of those who would buy a PS3/Xbox probably know what they want and the inclusion of a specific game which may appeal to one might not appeal to the other.

In psychology, first impression is very important, so if he was not impressed with the bundled game, then subconciously, he might associate a negative connotation with thhe console.

If the console always came bundled with one extra game of your choice though, that would be a different story.

Shade3603221d ago

As long as it didn't bump the price up .. mind you some consoles ship with demos on the HDD so not that hard for them to put a full title on there...

Ziriux3221d ago

Yea, no doubt, but they never raise prices with the bundles it always remains the same, no biggie.

Reibooi3221d ago

Well it's notable to argue that you don't really need to with current gen consoles as even if the consumer doesn't buy a game upon purchase they can download a ton of demos and see what the console is all about.

However it would be nice to have a game come with the console like they used to back in the day.

Wriggy3221d ago

The inclusion of Wii Sports with the Nintendo Wii proved to be a good move for the customer. I would have purchased the game separately at £30.

I tend to get bundles with new consoles anyway. With my Xbox 360 I bought it with Perfect Dark Zero and King Kong at a little extra cost.

I'll probably do the same with the next Xbox/PlayStation/Wii.

Ziriux3221d ago

Yea i think the biggest reason for Wii sports though was that it was well done with the controls of the Wii, if it was any other third party title you would have not seen the same sales success I don't think, but than again it's the Wii and parents would have bought something that worked good with the console.

Reibooi3221d ago

I remember the original Game boy came with tetris and that was the only game I ever played on it for the longest time. Was easily one of the best pack in games ever.

Ziriux3221d ago

Yup. well my PS3 came with MGS4 and that was the best game I've ever played, so that was definitely a worth it bundle in my humble opinion.

Shade3603221d ago

thats very true.. Wii Sports really sold the console.. so that in the box = brilliant idea from nintendo..

Ziriux3221d ago

Lol the original xbox tried doing the same I think with Fusion Frenzy and failed, well the first was somewhat ok, the second came to fail on so many levels.

Reibooi3221d ago

The thing is all teh game pack in's these days are bundles which is somewhat annoying in my opinion. Bundles are just that bundles they are higher priced and really only save you the trouble of having to buy 2 things at once.

Back in the day when a game came packed in that was the only way to get the console. If you bought said console you got said game. I in a way liked it that way because it didn't seen as if the game coming packed in was affecting the price. I'm sure it did but with no other SKU's you hardly cared or even thought about that fact.

The Wii came packed in with Wii sports and was still a very modestly priced console at the time. I think that's how games should be packed in as opposed to like a Bundle for game A where they put the game in the box and add $60 to the price tag.

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