Pikmin without the Pikmin - G&M reviews Little King's Story

Globe and Mail's game reporter gushes over Little King's Story. From the review:

"...while I can't help drawing comparisons between Little King's Story and Pikmin, the truth is that it tweaks the minion management formula enough to become its own thoroughly entertaining, difficult-to-pigeonhole game.

There hasn't been a lot to get excited over in the world of interactive entertainment this summer, but Little King's Story is a diamond in the rough. Wii owners ought not to overlook it."

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knox3339d ago

lol i think its funny that npc pikmin has IR but not little kings story, but its a good game

WiiJunkii3339d ago

I haven't been following this game as closely as I should, but I've become more and more intrigued as of lately. I've heard good things and just assumed it used IR similarly to NPC Pikmin.

Lousy Development choice.

I want nothing more than to support devs who put effort into quality Wii titles, but they make it difficult when they ignore it's biggest asset (IMO).