Color Of The Dual Shock 3 Says Alot About The Gamer

With Sony's recent announcement of the new Deep Red and Metallic Blue Dual shock 3 controllers in October, what is the true reason for releasing different colors for the dual shock 3? Obviously companies try to connect with the consumer in every way possible, and releasing different colored products is sure to attract many more. As gamers, why do we go out and purchase a different colored controller? What does the color of the dual shock 3 truly represent? Believe it or not, the choice of color of the dual shock 3 can truly describe the gamer...

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Maddens Raiders3278d ago

they nailed it. I have a black and a silver DS3. I love originality and am a collector and am somewhat understated. Don't know about all that "comin' in second" stuff (especially on Motorstorm lol) but nah really I do like to


cranium3278d ago

I like the black controller because it goes with my TV, PS3, sound system, TV remote, rock band instruments... well, you get it.
What does that say about me?

Chupa-Chupa3278d ago

It means that you are an OG.

Freakwave0033278d ago

You can't judge a person by the color of their dualshock.

Mr Tretton3278d ago

A camo one would be cool.

Chupa-Chupa3278d ago

Yes, a camo would be cool. Especially with MW2 around the corner. Activision should of included a camo controller instead of those weak night vision goggles, and of course for a lot less.

Silly gameAr3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Aren't we reading a little to much into this? What kind of gamer would I be If I owned all of the colored controllers?

That glowing blue controller in the pic looks pretty cool though. I wouldn't mind having that color.

Mr Tretton3278d ago

"What kind of gamer would I be If I owned all of the colored controllers?"

A fruity rainbow boi? ;)))

cranium3278d ago

I agree. The red one looks too much like a toy, too plastic (Even though that's just what it is, plastic.) But the blue one actually looks kind of nice.

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