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"The original Wii Sports captured everyone's imagination with it's innovative motion controls and fun-for-everyone attitude. The experience was a blast and the promise of motion controls was very captivating, but as time went on the the feeling produced by Wii Sports started to fizzle. The question is, can Wii Sports Resort capture that same feeling with updated controls and a deeper experience? The answer is yes!"

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Product3250d ago

What a fun game this is. Power Crusier is probably my favorite. Just got done finding all 80 "I" points in Flyover.

Hold down 2 when picking the sports for added secrets.

TruthbeTold3250d ago

This game is excellent. Some of it is a bit meh, but there's enough in the game for the individual to ignore whatever they don't like and still have plenty.

Product3250d ago

Exactly right my friend. I really wish they would have put a fishing game in though...dont know why they didn't

N4g_null3250d ago

I'm working on the cycling right now... I find that if you use the free practice you can get pretty good at these games. The wave race one and the cycling are the two i'm working on now. The controls for flying are pretty good also. It is very nice to see these games running so smooth. The table tennis is pretty good also. What is funny I would beat the crap out of the archery only to be beat in the expert LOL due to the distance... I guess I better fix that LOL.

Because of this game I think lots of game devs will be over hauling their controls to match it or exceed this game. After playing the sword showdown red steel has a lot to fix from what I've played.

Another thing is the ir is so much more pleasing to control and I did miss that when I went back to play the conduit today. The ir bar assist means a lot. I think this really should be an option on every game. Also this sort of shows how screwy ir can be to the feel of the game. No matter the resolution it will always be jumpy due to it using pixels, remember the Wii uses a camera also.

MS and SONY would be very lucky to make their motion game pack as good as the wii one currently.

ndpad3250d ago

yea the game runs at 60 fps and i really dig how you fly the plane just like you would a paper airplane. Very creative.

Scissor, have you play table tennis with the sandal yet? you have to play the 11 point match first.

N4g_null3249d ago

i think I got to level 400+ yet I have not had an 11 point match. I find if you don't take them out fast your own errors will crush you!

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