Why isn't WiiWare bigger?

"WiiWare is over a year old now and many great games have come out of the service like World of Goo, Megaman 9, LostWinds, and more recently NyxQuest, and Bit.Trip.Core. Great games with creativity and fun gameplay, yet the service isn't getting as big as we all thought it was going to. So, why is WiiWare not getting bigger?"

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Product3218d ago

We need Nintendo to push for more WiiWare supports. They say the sales of WiiWare are good, but maybe that is on their side and nto the developers.

I haven't seen one wiiware commercial.

Product3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

double post

qface643218d ago

i want that cavestory i have no clue why but i want it

Product3218d ago

classic gameplay that many games now a days just dont have...thats why you want it.

Mr.Mister3218d ago

ive play cavestory. outstanding. that all i can say. you like super metroid well it in the kind of the same genre. defently recommande it

Product3218d ago

is your name from Happy Gilmore....the "Mr. mister lady"?

TruthbeTold3218d ago

it reminds me of that song by the same name.

"Hell no MothaF*cka"

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gintoki7773218d ago

why they ask why nintendo doesnt release games like mother 3 and make their services amazing which it can be beats me

Why dont they put a virtual console on dsi theres alot of things they should do that they arent

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