mLani Mobi FPS Controller is now FRAGnStein

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Some time ago, we reported on an interesting new controller by mLani called the Mobi. Somewhere deep in the bowels of Bann Corp's labs the mLani Mobi underwent the dramatic change to FRAGnStein. All melodrama aside, the mLani Mobi, while a no-show at E3 is not going the way of the Phatom."

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DoucheVader3344d ago

The review unit should be shipping any day now. I will put this thing through a shooter decathlon!

DJ3344d ago

I wish that girl was on the front of the box, though.

decimalator3344d ago

screw front of the box, send her IN the box

ps3gamerkyle3343d ago

Now your thinking! =P

Anywho, I heard these are great.

OtherWhiteMeat3344d ago

80 bucks is about 40 bucks too much.

T3mpr1x3343d ago

That has some nice sensitivity - my Logitech G5 has 1600 DPI, and that's very precise. Interesting concept as well, but yeah $80 would be steep unless it really does perform as it says it does.

NobleRed3343d ago

It will be better than the splitfish version that I've bouhgt for my ps2. It was a cheap emulation of a pc mouse feeling.

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