PSLS Review - Shatter

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Shatter is a heart-pounding, nail-biting experience, presented to you in a very pretty package. The music adds to the intense gameplay, and works as a pleasant distraction to the dedication to strategy that is required to complete the game in full. The addition of bosses, and the unique power ups gives Shatter an identity that most brick-breaking games lack. Shatter is hands down one of the best offerings the PlayStation Network has."

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DJ3280d ago

This game was under the radar for a while, but hopefully people spread the word about it.

DoucheVader3280d ago

This game was way "funner" then I expected.

InfectedDK3280d ago

Is it really THAT good..
I mean, I think it looks decent..
Might buy it after this..

thereapersson3280d ago

Especially if you're a high-score chaser. I'm always trying to find ways to score more points throughout the levels.

I highly recommend buying it; you won't be disappointed.

ps3gamerkyle3280d ago

From what I'm hearing, it IS that good.

InfectedDK3280d ago

Great to hear from some people that owns it...
So now I'm convinced 110%, I'm buying it right away (:

ps3gamerkyle3280d ago

Yeah, I want it. After all the good reviews, I don't think you can go wrong.

Cajun Chicken3280d ago

Wow Sev. I thought I WAS a little too high with my user review score here on N4G, beat me by giving it a top score! It really is that great.

I also bought the soundtrack, Module FTW.

Expansion pack, level editor and PSP version now, Sidhe. This is simply one of the most original PSN games since Superstardust HD all those years ago.

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