Tekken PS3 Skin That You'll Never Get To Own

To promote the new version of Tekken 6 due out on the PlayStation 3 later this year, Bandai has created a limited edition PS3 skin to get people excited.

The bad news however is that a spokesman for the company told us that although around 200 were in existence, there are no plans to offer the "skin" to the general public.

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rickyjb233307d ago

looks good but if i could get a high quality front on pic i could get a skin exactly the same as that , check out my mgs4 themed ps3 skin that i made my self

saint_john_paul_ii3307d ago

thats a nice small setup you got there. like that MGS4 skin too.

keysy4203307d ago

but now that it isnt an xclusive it will get pushed aside by all the other games. this game should have stayed exclusive. maybe the next one will be